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How To Make An Ice Cream Squishy. SQUISHY ICE-CREAM TUTORIAL

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    25 Responses

    1. Jellyne Espiritu says

      Why would u say bad words on utube I’m not trying to be mean but don’t say bad words on utube cuz THTS not nice and DONT? SAY THE B WORD.AT US CUZ WE ALL SUBBED U INUDEING NE BUT I UNSUBSXRIBE U CUZ U SAY BAD WORDS!!!!!!!

    2. Kawaii KPOP says


    3. LeiLaNViN says

      Did u say a bad word???!!? I don’t know when u? said it

    4. sunnyrocks99 says

      connieee!!! :D?

    5. ConWolf says

      who.. r? u o.o????

    6. KandK'sTwinchannel says

      IKR we dont want to hearher say bad words we want her to teach us how to? make the squishy…..

    7. KandK'sTwinchannel says

      i mean hear? her

    8. KandK'sTwinchannel says

      i mean hear her?

    9. Nicoles sparkle says

      Stop? swearing gosh

    10. Jennifer Nguyen says

      OMG stop bitching about her? channel

    11. HelloKittenRaven says

      Yo te amo su videos.?

    12. camilacrafttime says

      gracias es muy bueno? que te gusten mis vídeos yo soy colombina :)

    13. engmeliz says

      But..isn’t it reynavids? idea??? What’s the material for the squishy btw and the paint can u type it to me

    14. jessica marono says

      why do u need to use a stick
      instead of a? stick a paint BRUSH!!

    15. Miyuki Ito says

      Reynavids made the same ice cream squishy but it was inspired by camilacrafttime. She? used either puffy paint or scribbles:)

    16. Animaljamplaynow says

      Being a freshman is toltally? fresh man!

    17. funnyfunny178 says

      can i be in? you contest

    18. emopandas1800 says


    19. emopandas1800 says


    20. xXkittybaby12Xx says

      Haha? zero fucks given if she bitches. You rock!!

    21. Applejuice183 says

      I? really like you because you make homemade squishies :)

    22. Applejuice183 says

      And also, Where? do you get the cosmetic sponges? They seem to be thick, I never saw that kind of cosmetic sponges before, but It’s cool

    23. Happie Huynh says

      I can’t find? icalovedisney

    24. Happie Huynh says

      Please tell? me the channel number

    25. Happie Huynh says

      Please tell me? the channel


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