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How To Make Astronaut Ice Cream. Freeze dried ice-cream bar

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How do you make an Astronaut freeze dried ice-cream bar? Friend me on Facebook http;// I am going on a 50 mile hike. One thing I a…
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    25 Responses

    1. Aerochalklate says

      i came here when cm punk said there? should be wwe ice cream sandwiches

    2. nambinhvu says

      They do have ice creams with lots of crunchy bits in it, this is just the crunchyness without the creaminess XD. Flavor of ice cream without it being? ice cream, what’s wrong with that? XD

    3. nambinhvu says

      Just think of it as a? cookie or a cracker that’s ice cream sandwich flavored lol

    4. Thewickedjunglist says

      Damn straight…ice cream? on the go! Brilliant invention in hindsight.

    5. thatbme35 says

      me too thats why t here at 1? am

    6. YourSoulEmbarks says

      They never served it in space :P . Either? way its a great snack!

    7. Jack Plissken says

      Is it? cold?

    8. YourSoulEmbarks says

      I was watching a documentary, and they said? space ice cream was never eaten in space…

    9. BeefJerkyGirl says

      I’ve had freezed dried ice cream before,? it’s delicious

    10. babywinnny says

      where did you get the freeze dried ice cream i always want? to try it

    11. vantan nguyen says

    12. vantan nguyen says

      nasa made many freeze dried? foods and there have been more space flights than you think

    13. umaxen01 says

      Drink water when you eat anything freeze dried on a “trek”. You could dehydrate, or even choke to death, or have your intestines stick together. Basically,? you are eating something without moisture. If freeze dryed enough, it will turn into a fine powder wth zero moisture.

    14. yummycalorie says

      Thank you for letting? me have a bite :)

    15. Hypnoillusion says

      Man shrooms make everything awesome. It looks like a real one? It is a real ice cream sandwich. But it looks like a real? one though.

    16. memphis407 says

      I? first had one at Kennedy Space Center when I was a kid.

    17. PsiloCybinDreamX says

      they dont allow? these in space

    18. Ricky M says

      Yeah, it’s pretty good, and no brain? freeze whatsoever.

    19. anaeli434 says

      Is? it cold?

    20. WYSM W says

      its crunchy at? first but when its in your mouth it turns into normal icecream (: your comment is 2 years old i bet you wont read this..

    21. wpaduano75 says

      lalal? is it golf

    22. FutureLaugh says

      mother fuckin science.. what a time? to be alive

    23. Elvia Diaz says

      it’s? FREAKIN’ AWESOME : D

    24. louvelle957 says

      I love the way that it melts in? your mouth.

    25. TheRavendiamond says



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