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How To Make Astronaut Ice Cream. Making astronaut ice cream in my home shop

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In his recent post, Chris Gammell used astronaut ice cream as a fun example of how high tech innovation trickles down to consumer-level products. Seeing an i…

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    24 Responses

    1. Carlos Garcia says


    2. Carlos Garcia says

      And a live? Brid.

    3. thegoldenarmy0495 says

      Freeze? dried fruit?

    4. WorldofWarcraftees8 says

      do this with? ice

    5. HOLYDUDE23 says

      A small animal, most humane example being mice?

    6. Jesse Su says


    7. NotSoLogical says

      What? would you doooooooooooOOOOOooooo for a Klondike bar?

    8. xDemonicSoulz says

      Kill? Obama lol

    9. XxMasterKittehsxX says

      0:19? so emotional

    10. Jaron Van Leeuwen says

      3:18 “push the fluid through the hoes ” LMAO?

    11. Michel Linschoten says

      pretty cool that you managed to do this. However seems tad expensive to do so and not to mention lots of patience required.?

    12. Ozzy Pena says

      your vocabulary is way more advanced than me so only understood like 60 percent. BTW this? video is awesome

    13. Simm Js says


    14. JRhalo14 says

      water at its? triple point!

    15. quantium40 says

      Twinkie. Freeze dry a? twinkie.

    16. tsbrownie says

      Another great video. Question: the vacuum pump should theoretically be able to extract the air and water vapor. Is? the cold trap acting to “super charge” the vacuum pump by changing the water vapor into a solid and thereby reduce its volume?

    17. Ben Krasnow says

      The problem is that the water vapor will condense in? the vacuum pump, eventually fill it with water, and cause it to seize and/or be destroyed from rust.

    18. Nate C says


    19. SwoleKitchenTV says

      Fat free chocolate icecream. Inferior taste-wise in the? frozen state but would freeze-dry well. I enjoyed your video, thank you.

    20. Billy Reed says

      I have considered DIY freeze drying. Prepping. Freeze dried food can get limited and? expensive. Have you FD other foods. ie vegetables or meat?

      Have you seen a “Vac It Pro”

    21. Lea Jamal says

      I do not understand a thing.?

    22. River Carson says

      I believe? it will work if the pump is strong enough because otherwise it is only a matter of which end a tube is attached to I am trying to test this but it turns out I used a very small tube I will look for a substitute.

    23. MrMetatron7777 says

      use ice cream made from skim? milk

    24. beaman220 says

      That’s? a ton of stuff to do, but god is it worth it. lol


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