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How To Make Avocado Ice Cream. Date Paste and Avocado Ice Cream

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Ahhh the sweet sweet taste of paste made from soaked dates… great for anything, but definitely for Avocado Ice Cream! ? SOCIAL NETWORKS…
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25 Responses

  1. sweetsourrr says

    U guys come up w/the weirdest food recipe ever, but m loving it!!! Getting
    to learn lot of new food recipe :)

  2. Marin8d says

    interesting… lemon, thats a cool thought

  3. Marin8d says

    Not preferably… I assume you mean while still in the skin. Avocados tend
    to mold quick and oxidize fast like bananas. Ideally you eat them when they
    are all green on the inside. They will turn a little brown when mixed and
    left in the fridge or on the counter but i would try to steer clear of
    black. Thanks for the question

  4. Marin8d says

    We would be… loves not too in to them at the moment. If she’s not riding
    her bike or walking herself she likes the trailer or bob stroller. we do
    have two types though… an ergo and a becco

  5. daKingShiet says

    is that you George St Pierre?

  6. alkistism says

    Maybe you could do avocado+banana?With cacao or vegan chocolate chips
    inside? Banana freezes the same way as avocado and has the same
    consistency,makes great ice cream too !Maybe with some strawberries

  7. Michelle Claros says

    That’s weird but it looks good

  8. Libby Withnall says

    This looks amazing. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  9. Marin8d says

    Sounds nice… I like apricots, B

  10. ItsGeraldine695 says

    *the avocados

  11. MonkeyFunny101 says

    Thanks (:

  12. misaki covington says

    i want ur blender , its so nice!

  13. holamonkeys says

    Loved it thank you guys..

  14. MakingLifeSimple says

    Yum!! Trying this tonight :)

  15. Ibby Hammad says

    looks great, might try it some time. you should try it with dried apricots :) i dont know if u can get it in america but in Arabic its called gamardin
    and its a film of dried apricots and u put it in boiling water over night.
    we usually eat it with bread during Ramadan to give us some energy while

  16. TayHeart Jon says

    iiiiiiii LOVE IT! OH MY GOD

  17. TheCheerbear says

    I just noticed the upside down pineapple, lol!

  18. Sherleen Buenbrazo says

    I always make avocado ice cream or shake and it taste do healthy and amazing

  19. alexcuddeback says

    You guys should do some more smoothie recipes! This looks so yummy. I made
    avocado ice cream once and added a little lemon to it. Tasted outstanding.
    Love to you all! <3

  20. alexus1401 says

    That looksvyummy even thought I don’t like avocado but I’m starting to make
    this with my mom and dad

  21. ItsGeraldine695 says

    How do you know if the avocado is ready to eat? :-) if its a little black
    can I still eat it?

  22. Marin8d says

    oooo its so yummy…. enjoy your fine day! see you tomorrow!

  23. Marin8d says

    ooo nice idea… we’ll look into it. Thanks!

  24. The Kandu Family says


  25. Salomon May says

    add cinnamon to the ice cream! its amazing


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