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How To Make Chocolate Ice Cream With Nutella. How to make NUTELLA FUDGESICLES! – CookwithApril

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How to make NUTELLA FUDGESICLES! - CookwithApril

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25 Responses

  1. TheYouluna says

    because yes :D

  2. domo535 says

    I just made these and pulled it jot of the freezer it’s so yummy

  3. priya sasenarine says

    I got mine from the dollar store

  4. Helda Hydayat says

    I realised that we both habe the same prob; lactose intolerant. So how
    about soke recipes for people like us?? Cos I tried substituting butter
    with margarines and such but it doesnt taste as good as with dairy products
    in it. Somehow u need to balance it out wit something else especially with
    cookies or cakes. but I usually dont know. April help….!!!

  5. Lottie Ellis says

    I made some yummy

  6. claudia beekwilder says

    why is he there x

  7. Minty Chips says

    lol gross XP HAHA

  8. michell wiederhold says

    I love Nutella I bet these are amazing going to try these out.

  9. shopping014 says

    I Love Nutella So Much

  10. Britt Manders says

    the freezer of frige

  11. shopping014 says


  12. Christina Nguyen says

    i made this and i added desiccated coconut. IT WAS AMAZING. ^_^

  13. satansaccomplice says

    it is so cute how hes in your videos

  14. 31deathreaper says

    their make such a cute couple

  15. Alisa Ascension says

    making later i have every thing

  16. Sarah Lobo says

    you say a bad word in every comment , KIDS SEE THESE COMMENTS!

  17. Jessie Boblina says

    Just made them

  18. ThexBrokenxHeartz says

    No one cares. :3 <3

  19. Davinder Kaur says

    Ur guys are so nice

  20. BestBeauty01 says

    I just popped mine in the freezer about an hour ago!

  21. Tenzin Youdon says

    Wow u guys sooo cute together?

  22. Hilary Chap says

    R u guys related u bit off the guys bit where he bit?

  23. Samie kate says

    umm i was just wondering if u have to make it a fudgesicles? can u just put
    it into a bowl or container and freeze it so it becoes a normal icecream??

  24. Arodis Marin Perez says

    My birthday is in April ?

  25. MusiQofGold says

    You and your husband are so cute together :D Love your vids!?


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