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How To Make Fried Ice Cream Tempura. How to Make Tempura Ice Cream

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Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada shows how he makes our Tempura Ice Cream. Something you see at most Japanese restaurants, he makes it a little different by usi…
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    25 Responses

    1. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      Well we would but? it would cheaper for you to make one! We just showed you how!!

    2. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      ty? :)

    3. GatisiO says

      yea i was like well then? i will have 6 of them! :D

    4. Andrew Conway says

      Ice cream fried? There is? no other food on earth with greater divinity

    5. Sharon Wawak says

      I’m the daughter of this persons account and I was just going to say I never? really ever wanted to try something raw but as soon as I watched some of ur videos I actually wanted to try it and it was so cool and I just wanted to Ty for introducing me to something new with my mom she couldn’t get me near anything raw but after these videos I can’t wait to be around it so just saying thank

    6. Sharon Wawak says


    7. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      Thank you! We are honored to know that we have opened up your eyes to this cuisine. In life, we always tell people, that you must try everything at least once. If not, you may be loosing out! We hope you will enjoy the experience at your local restaurant and if you ever visit Miami Florida, we would be? honored to make you something extraordinary. :)

    8. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      lol? we agree with you!

    9. Julian Acosta says

      Frogs listen to people when people are eating fried frog? legs

    10. BillyTuckerGaming says

      That looks so? good!!!

    11. Thecrazymerio says

      That’s not? bad for a platter that big.

    12. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      ty !?

    13. Akira Nakanishi says

      There Flan is really? delicious :-)

    14. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      Thank you! Much appreciation…? :)

    15. Angelica Herrera says

      why do you keep? saying “we”when all you do is record.

    16. MrCano1224 says

      It sounds like chef Hiro said sorbet ice cream in the beginning. Is it sorbet or regular ice cream? Also, how do you craft the ice cream? how it was in the beginning? Temp of the freezer? I know it’s done by hand but how did he do it so easily? By the way, I love your videos!

    17. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      Thanks for commenting! We use? strawberry ice cream. In order to craft it, just spoon it out into a circular oval shape and then add on top of the pound cake. You’ll need to use your hands to form the shape. The freezer is at 0 degrees. Hope this answered your questions…

    18. Majo499 says

      That looks great! Keep it up! I am so sad that i live in germany otherwise? i would come to you and order your whole videos :DD

    19. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      Thanks? very much! We hope you can pay us a visit one day…

    20. NoVeKitchenAndBar says

      Because if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be able to watch any of this :)

    21. Jok3rcccx says

      I’d give you 20$ It looks so freakin good.? and i bet it tastes phenomenal

    22. painfullfun says

      Nom nom nom nom? nom nom

    23. Josh Bowman says

      Pound cake is? the bomb!

    24. Cairy Hunt says

      Lol, you? can just buy a whole tub of ice cream, for half the price…nice.

    25. Andreas depré says

      Personally i think the plate is too busy altho i? would never say no to it ^^


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