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How To Make Fried Ice Cream Yahoo Answers. How to Make a Paper Crossbow

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I noticed that there was no decent tutorial out there for making a paper crossbow that didn’t utilize rubber bands. This is what I came up with as a result. …
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    25 Responses

    1. David Chugahaga says


    2. David Chugahaga says

      pancakes are? awesome

    3. deep bajwa says


    4. neeedleinahaystack says

      Couldn’t you? just use a running bowline on that?

    5. erick rivadeneira says

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    6. Daniel Mikuta says

      That’s what she said ;)

      lol, JK :P?

    7. Bram Hendriks says

      Eric? me to

    8. theguywhowontmakeLps says

      how should that work? i cant even build it!?

    9. ???? ?????? says

      ?????????!!! ??? ?????????!!! :D?

    10. ???? ?????? says

      ??????? ????????

    11. George Fletcher says

      it dosn’t? work

    12. Shawn Onwenu says

      More Than Half? What Through On This Paper Crossbow

    13. Nikola Gacpar says


    14. basti0nman55 says

      not simple ive been at it for 4hours? and still making

    15. david cooley says

      its hard I made a? paper gun

    16. Criisti99 says


    17. Zach Agnew says

      You are? Cool

    18. Michael Duxbury says

      Hey MrBoBoTom… Can? you hear that? Sounds like… Sirens…

    19. kaimbenn says

      My guide is much easier to follow, he? is my guide… MORE TAPE!

    20. MegaPoolbear says

      i dont have Popsicle sticks =P?

    21. creeper younglin says

      I support our current president and I found this? funny.

    22. labankek7 says

      Megapoolbear well actually buy popsticals? then eat it

    23. Daniel Hernandez says

      Very? good (Y)

    24. keithoneal414 says

      Good shit?

    25. hans Bloxx says



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