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How To Make Gelato Ice Cream At Home. Homemade Vanilla Gelato – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 157

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  • How To Make Gelato Ice Cream At Home. Homemade Vanilla Gelato – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 157

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    25 Responses

    1. BrucasIsBettaThanYou says

      I always leave? a little batter or custard in the bowl so i can lick it clean haha!

    2. iaof2012 says

      I have a recipe book that came with one of the first electric ice cream machines, you had to put ice and salt around the drum, it was a hassle, the new machines are so nice! They call this cooked kind french vanilla. There is a recipe for just plain vanilla, I use it in my newer machine it is very good! But, this cooked kind is fantastic! ? Yum! I would use the regular kind to make ripple ice cream. It is so quick, just pour the stuff in the machine, and in 20 min you have ice cream!

    3. iaof2012 says

      That older machine my parents bought it in the 80s. We used it all of 5 times. If we had a newer machine we probably would have used it 5 times per week. Throw? juice in it you have slusshies for your family in 20 minutes! Or, ice cappucino etc….make any beverage a slusshy.

    4. Vienna523 says

      I made the vanilla gelato? with that Cuisinart and it came out great!

    5. DarylJue says

      lol that egg yolks look beautiful and perfect? at 0:46

    6. blloyd815 says

      Hi Laura, I made this and this morning after the Cuisinart finished the gelato , we tasted and it was good, but we freezed and later when we had it, it kinda tasted like Ice milk and when it was still frozen in our dish it kinda broke apart. Do you know what I did wrong? It was my first time so I have no clue. Thanks so? much.. Barbara

    7. mjray37 says

      this is not gelato, this is ice cream. i? make gelato for a gelato shop, this recipe is wrong. but if you want delicious vanilla ice cream this is an amazingly delicious recipe! however ice cream and gelato are actually different,

    8. Ryu Jeanne says

      Luv? ur hair

    9. kaikaleidescope says

      I made this today Laura! Turned out beautifully!? Thank you so much laura xxxx

    10. Mimi M says

      she makes it look? so easy.

    11. tonymac96 says

      Laura…please merry me !!! Wow…I love woman do can do ice cream like my grandmother!!! Keep the good work !!! Laura for President !!! Tony from Puerto Rico? !!!

    12. seattwa says

      Bringing the milk to the point where small bubbles form around the edge of the pot? is called scalding.

    13. SANGHEON Yi says

      can i just freeze it?? i don’t have an icecream maker….

    14. Simon Larsen says

      Oh she ate it. Trust me. ?

    15. mirellda22 says

      I am half? Italiano

    16. MrMspinkglitter123 says

      Can I put this in? the freezer instead of the ice-cream maker?

    17. MsRhylla says

      Nobody scrapes their bowls or pans on cooking shows, it drives me? crazy!! I do love Laura’s shows and her website though, great job Laura!

    18. Dada Jammy says

      If i don’t have? ice cream machine what should i do?

    19. TheJuicylips20 says

      Where did you bought? the ice-cream maker?

    20. lomrithsa says

      I’m going to make some ice cream I want the? machine but where can I buy them ?

    21. Fiorella Nava says


    22. Aliyah Higurashi says

      google, my friend.?

    23. GillianRowlandgames says

      i made this for the first time today and it tested AMAZING i dont know if my mom? will get any

    24. MissKiwicute says

      how much do ice cream? makers cost?

    25. jenny robo says

      whats the difference between gelato? and regular icecream? the process and ingredients seemed the same.


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