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How To Make Guanabana Ice Cream. Jamaican Soursop (Guanabana) Juice Recipe Video

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Visit my website to get this recipe and much more! My name is Fay DeLeon and I’m a Jamaican grandmother who loves to cook fo…
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    25 Responses

    1. gaza king says

      im not sure? but i think 3 glasses would be just right 1 in the morning 1 for lunch and 1 at dinner time that’s just my thought that’s how i drink it

    2. ravenblanketful says

      why remove the? seeds?

    3. lorijeans59 says

      Do you live in the states? I am looking for the fruit soursop, but no stores up North have ever heard of it and when you do a search on line they either say it causes Parkinson Disease or it is not sold here because it is a cure for cancer. Can you help me locate this fruit or give some info on where to buy it near Lake Erie Cleveland area? Thank u Could I sweeten it? with honey and is the fruit sour as it’s name says?

    4. Ed Michrina says

      Thank? you your fun. great video

    5. Devonian Wrighton says

      I am impressed? & now also hungry for more of the show thank you Fay DeLeon

    6. 2idream says

      Where can? I purchase the guanabanna to make the soursop

    7. mehida77 says


    8. Rosa Angeles Lopez Ovando says

      la verdad sale muy buena?

    9. mzsunshine1231 says

      Hello and thanks for the video!! where do you get the fruit from?? I been looking all over for them!! Please help!!!! Thank? you!!!

    10. auroraangela says

      Guanabana is simply another name for soursop,? they are the same…

    11. 2idream says


    12. Toni Caravello says

      could you use coconut milk and/or water instead of condensed milk I wonder??

    13. tafari toney says

      the cancer cure ?

    14. uppityupshaw says

      I just tried this drink for the first time? a few weeks ago and loved it so thank you for sharing how to make it!

    15. dstrillingprada says

      keep up your? great work….

    16. Kim Warnock says

      looks? yummy

    17. ratt57 says

      It looks great, but where do I find this fruit in San Francisco, California??

    18. AH Trini says

      Good Day. Where can i? find this for purchase online?

    19. Maikia Vue says

      If I have known of this fruit I would look for in my visit to? Jamaica…. Regrets!!!!

    20. Imurge says

      very? nice video

    21. Graviola Soursop says

      Soursop?? Leaves Tea -(Graviola Tea? /Guyabana Tea) 30? Bags


    22. Shelly Bernys says

      I just made this with the sweetened condensed milk (because I wanted it to be authentic), just poured it over some ice and I’m? shakin it like a Jamacian baby, woo!

    23. mayefa14 says

      Wow I? love Guanabana!!! uhmmmmmm thanks

    24. joy knowles says

      We make? sour sop ice cream with it in The Bahamas! I like the song in this video as well.

    25. Ken Denison says

      seeds in a lot of fruits have vitamins in them that are only found in seeds and roots, so? you might want to eat the seeds too! See Vitamin B-17 (laetrile). If you don’t eat the seeds, you might become dificient of that vitamin.


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