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How To Make Huckleberry Ice Cream. HUCKLEBERRY ICE CREAM

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Anniversary dinner, Ice cream, and a project.
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25 Responses

  1. suralear1 says

    Way to go, you got him on Youtube. He is handsome! Thank you for sharing
    him with us. Happy anniversary!!! Sounds like you two are having a
    wonderful time. Look forward to more about your travels. ~Hugs, Sharon R

  2. paperdrama says

    mmmm ice cream. “isn’t he a cutie?….he’s MINE!!” LOL Happy Anniversary!

  3. smscrapper says

    He got on camera! He does adore you, you have more proof now! Haha! LOVED
    it. This video was so fun to watch. No chocolate ice cream at the ice cream
    place? Bummer! Happy Anniversary! You both remembered at the same time! :)

  4. Margene Kiefer says

    I wish I would have known you were going through Glacier Park, I would have
    driven up to meet you!

  5. yoliebean says

    What a great road trip! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  6. nanajl54 says

    @yoliebean Thank you, this is a trip of a lifetime! I love this Country! =D

  7. PatsTreasuresNCrafts says

    That ice cream looks delicious! I had a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice
    cream while I watched this. So we had ice cream together. LOL Happy
    Anniversary to you and hubby!! He’s a doll. I know, HE’S YOURS!! LOL That’s
    ok. My hubby’s a doll too. Those banners you made are gorgeous! I love
    them. Can’t wait to see your finished project. See you on the next
    adventure! ~ Pat :)

  8. nanajl54 says

    @roxyfur YOU CAN SHIP IT HOME??? OH NO! =D Hubbs was reminded by a phone
    call from our oldest grand daughter wishing us a happy Ann. =D He came in
    and said ” ya wanna go eat something for our anniversary?” I said ” HUH? Is
    today the 10th?” =D Haha! We laughed all the way to the restaurant! =D

  9. nanajl54 says

    @cassiemoore13183 Thanks Cassie! =D

  10. nanajl54 says

    @junbug1029 Thanks Joan! I used to make a big deal of our Anniversary but
    after 38 years, we are best buds and are having so much fun things slip
    right by! Life is good! =D

  11. nanajl54 says

    @socrafty100 It is breath taking! Thanks! =D

  12. socrafty100 says

    It looks beautiful there tfs.

  13. LaceyTracy76 says

    You guys are cute, very handsome hubby! I love watching all of the places
    you guys go….someday I would love to take my hubby and 3 kiddos traveling
    like that! So thanks for sharing! Tracy

  14. nanajl54 says

    @paperdrama 38 years and I still get butterflies when he looks at me or is
    near me. He’s cute for an old guy! =D Huckleberry ice cream is most

  15. nanajl54 says

    @suralear1 Thank you Sharon, we are and he is! Will share more as wifi
    permits! =D

  16. nanajl54 says

    @MLHdesignzFL That ice cream was devine and the most excellent ! =D

  17. nanajl54 says

    @PatsTreasuresNCrafts Thanks Pat! I am happy to share this time with you! =D

  18. GoinCriCrAzY says

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Sorry, Im running late, but for some reason I had a
    really hard time with this video wanting to play. I finally got it! Cute
    banners!! I think that paper is called Emma’s Shoppe Collection? I love it!
    TFS :))

  19. nanajl54 says

    @debbiehayslrtte Thank you, I know, there is something very wrong about not
    having chocolate ice cream ! =D

  20. junbug1029 says

    Happy Anniversary to you and your cute hubby ; ) Forgetting our anniversary
    is something we would do. The banner is looking good. xoxo Joan

  21. Debbie Hayslette says

    Happy Anniversary you guys!!! What no chocolate ice cream…thats just not
    right. Cute banner pieces. Tfs. Debbie

  22. nanajl54 says

    @LaceyTracy76 We have taken our kids when they were little on trips and now
    that they are on their own we are enjoying our time together. Both ways are
    great! =D Thanks!

  23. nanajl54 says

    @GoinCriCrAzY Thats OK, I’m lat replying to everyone because of the time it
    takes to upload and such. Thanks for watching Nancy! =D

  24. MLHdesignzFL says

    Awe, how nice! Your ice cream looks devine. love, mystery guest #1

  25. cassie moore says

    Happy day late anniversary to u and your hubby,my mom and dads 30 something
    years anniversary is today. :)


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