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How To Make Ice Cream Bread. How to Make Ice Cream Into Bread

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How to Make Ice Cream Into Bread? All we need is ice cream and self rising flour. half of cup of ice cream and 1/3 of flower mix it up and microwave it for 2…

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25 Responses

  1. BENDchannel says

    actualy he? said:
    -Are you wanna taste this
    -Seems like shit
    -it’s like bread

  2. Annettisapanda says

    Haha, I do?

  3. Jimmy Shank says

    He said it taste like? shif

  4. Jimmy Shank says

    I mean shit?

  5. Genesis Garcia says

    You should make breast milk Ice cream lol? they say its acctualy good.

  6. CJ SLAM says

    Ok cool, now how do i change it back? NO SRSLY HOW DO I CHANGE IT? BACK

  7. 100lightningbolt says

    What he said at the end: -Wanna try? It’s? shit. -Yeah? -Well it’s like bread, flour

  8. Olivia Tang says

    so does it taste? good or not? 0.o

  9. PersonHelpful says

    He said “that tastes? like bread” not “that tastes like shit” lol

  10. MrRemmyDog says

    why not just eat? a browni

  11. kanah ranga says

    He reminds me of? “how to basic”

  12. SSFproductions1 says

    Omg ive bene subscribed for a while and had no idea what he says in the beginning. Now i finally know and laughed my ass? off xD

  13. Sealkid6 says

    I recommend adding a teaspoon and a half of sugar?

  14. NinjaWee says

    lmao i? feel it

  15. Ben Pak says

    hot version of icecream?

  16. Weirdo Leo says

    Like chocolate cake :D?

  17. Joshua Inovero says

    I used mint ice-cream? and the bread taste like chicken

  18. zdw306 says

    In? soviet russia-icecream is hot bread

  19. Nic Brown says

    (Late reply, my bad) No, sadly. He was just eating when he? said it, so it wasn’t very clear.

  20. Tanner McKee says

    I am making the bread? righr now

  21. Garima Mishra says

    U made an ugly face when u ate your own food..
    And messed up everything? for such a simple recipe!!

  22. Jimmy Shank says

    At the end he says it tastes like? shit

  23. BrutalHD7 says

    *holds out to mum* look I made poo? ^_^

  24. i dont take kindly to ppl who dont take kindly says

    Why would u turn icecream? into bread.thats like turning pussy into a dick.

  25. JordanSKDT says



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