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How To Make Ice Cream Chocolate Shell. Betty’s Magic Shell Chocolate Ice Cream Topping

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Website: New Cookbook, “The Bettyskitchen Collection, Second Edition” available on or In this video, …
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25 Responses

  1. Betty's Kitchen says

    Thanks for your sweet comment, Amy! I really appreciate the time you spend keeping up with my channel and making? such lovely comments. You’re wonderful!
    –Betty :)

  2. LanaBana2931 says

    That is sooo cool. Love it! Thanks! ?

  3. Nanaslittleblessing says

    Betty, your Magic Shell Chocolate Ice Cream? Topping look wonderful, I’m sure it tastes great. My grand baby would love this, thank you for sharing. .:-)

  4. Betty's Kitchen says

    Thanks for your? sweet comment, Josie! I think your grand baby would definitely love it! Have a terrific evening!
    –Betty :)

  5. Betty's Kitchen says

    Thanks, Willow! I hope you enjoy? the ice cream topping.
    Warm thoughts,
    –Betty :)

  6. Betty's Kitchen says

    Thanks for your sweet comment; I? really appreciate it!
    –Betty :)

  7. AnAmericanIdle says

    Yummmmm!? I think Remy wanted some lol.

  8. MsCerise007 says

    I love magic shell. I wondered if it has a? coconut flavor?

  9. DefOT001 says

    Great Recipe Betty
    Def? Chef

  10. allison5810 says

    Hi Betty,

    I can’t wait to make this. Reminds me of a chocolate cake I had with a chocolate? shell ice cream over it. Mmmmm thanks so much for sharing!!


  11. nancydrew5 says

    What? a great way to make icecream chocolate bars. I can put the icecream in a mold then add the chocolate sauce over it.

  12. nancydrew5 says

    I will add some crushed peanuts to my vanila ice cream, then add the chocolate shell glaze, or better yet, mix peanut and chocolate semi sweet morsels to get a reeses cup shell over vanilla ice cream.
    Thanks Ms Betty. Just in time? for summer!

  13. Diann Hazelton says

    Oh, thank you Betty! Made a vegan version. It was amazing? excited to give some as a gift.

  14. Ricky M says

    Wow. That always? WAS magical.

  15. Doobie Sanchez says

    i love? all your recipes!!

  16. Tara Tazara says

    Looks gorgeous? Betty x

  17. Devin Craddock says

    Best ever?

  18. Betty's Kitchen says

    Yes, it tastes great? made with butter!
    –Betty :)

  19. sneezingpanda30ify says

    What would 1/8 of a? cup be converted to liters. I don’t have a measuring cup small enogh

  20. Betty's Kitchen says

    1/8? cup is 1 ounce.
    –Betty :)

  21. MaryE MCLea says

    i bet? carter loves this

  22. Minty Miller says

    I might add peppermint? extract to a half recipe, great recipe thank you :)))

  23. TechnoScoop says


  24. Cynthia Delva says

    very? easy!!!!

  25. deon1717able says

    I love? it!


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