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How To Make Ice Cream Cones At Home. America’s Test Kitchen DIY Ice Cream Sugar Cones

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Learn how to take ice cream to the next level with the Test Kitchen’s Bridget Lancaster—making your own ice cream cones! Recipe: http://www.americastestkitch…

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18 Responses

  1. RS says

    Parchment? Got you… My Kids are gonna love this. Thank you.

  2. jojoko says

    this is too much work! can’t i just use pre-made cookie dough and roll it
    out to be large thin cookies and under-bake them so they are still soft and

  3. HenakiX says

    Wouldn’t it make sense to crimp the bottoms before they set so nothing
    drips out? Or would that not work?

  4. drthmik says

    if you want limp doughy cones, yes.

  5. Victor F says

    it’s way cooler to make the whole thing yourself =]

  6. sandryx28 says

    This batter can be use for fortune cookies??

  7. TheWeepyWillow says

    Suggestions for gluten free?

  8. AlwayzPr0 says

    use stuff with no gluten.

  9. SevnLi says

    Hmm… the finished product looks a bit flimsy. Not trying to be a critic,
    but will this cone truly hold two-to-three scoops of heavy ice cream?

  10. mysnellvilleblog says

    I would think the nonstick Reynolds wrap would be great for this

  11. berighteous says

    yeah, just make the rounds smaller and work quick.

  12. sandryx28 says


  13. berighteous says

    There is no such thing as a gluten free ice cream cone. There shouldn’t be
    any such thing as a gluten free ice cream cone. Deal with it. Just eat the

  14. Non594 says

    I want this woman to be my teacher. :o

  15. TheWeepyWillow says

    No help, non-gluten flour has a different absorption rate for liquids, you
    can’t just plug in non-GF stuff. Thanks, though.

  16. TheWeepyWillow says

    Excellent advice to someone who is allergic to gluten. If you can’t be
    helpful, why not just not reply? I have bought gluten-free ice cream cones,
    before. They’re expensive and I’d prefer a home-made version. Really, there
    was no reason to be so rude. It was a reasonable question, I’m not the only
    person who is allergic to gluten in this world, can’t be the only person
    who has wondered. No reason to reply if you can’t be kind.

  17. berighteous says

    it might work better to spread the regular cookie dough on parchment lines
    cones and bake it that way. Then just pull the parchment and the cone will

  18. NovaGator Troller says

    The bacon one is best


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