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How To Make Ice Cream Crepe. How to Make Christmas Crepes (Crêpes) ?????????????

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Ingredients for Christmas Crepes (Crêpes) – Strawberry & Banana Crepes (serves 2) – 2 Crepes 1 Banana 4~5 Strawberries Whipped Cream Custard Cream Blueberry …
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25 Responses

  1. Ashura chan says

    just so cute @.@

  2. Melody Gayo says

    Strawberries are beautiful , must make for xmas breakfast! :)

  3. se pia says

    ?? ???…;;

  4. Gatinhitoluz says

    stupid vdo SUCKS!!

  5. MySweetMemorys says

    like u can make a better one?NOT

  6. Cherry101Neko says

    I like how there’s small bloopers at the end. :)

  7. Gatinhitoluz says

    OF COURSE MAM! the japanese and chinese are best inovating of food, but
    this vdo is TOO EASY.

  8. Jenna4o1 says

    Man I wanna try that

  9. miyubail says

    Japanese crepes are the best. I will definitely make these this Christmas.
    Hope I can make them as thin as a sheet of paper.

  10. miyubail says

    Yodare boto boto

  11. residentgood says

    wow yummy looks tasty.

  12. AdamOuissellat says

    What an amazing accent?

  13. Nguy?n Minh Tâm says


  14. Giulia Mayhua says

    Cute Dog?

  15. holly joy says

    they are crapes not waffle cones?

  16. Alexandra Strömberg says

    There was a lot of things I didn’t knew when they started to making the
    pancakes. So smart, I shall definitely use the tips next time!?

  17. Miloš Mandari? says
  18. Istvan Vincze says

    I’m a real sucker for cooking shows, but, despite my obvious bias for
    anything Japanese, this series has to be one of the most enjoyable I’ve
    ever seen. The tips and techniques demonstrated are really useful. Also, it
    is all just SOOO Japanese :-) precise, every utensil is specialised for
    each individual task, no matter how small… and then there is Francis, the

  19. Scotty McMuffin says

    The crepes don’t seem very baked ….?

  20. ccarolinaa13 says

    I just wish I had a button that made those crepes appear here right now :(?

  21. andre W. says

    they look so good i might try making one!?

  22. ana cecilia de santiago gonzalez says

    wooooo kawaii :3?

  23. LacedBoxxx says

    Chef always makes everything look so easy ;__;?

  24. XPersona4 says

    ooh can you make mille crepes please? :)
    I love your videos!!?

  25. ReMarianneful says

    How cute that doggie is!?


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