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How To Make Ice Cream Cupcakes. Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cupcake Shot – Tipsy Bartender

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If you like salted caramel you’ll love our….SALTED CARAMEL ICE CREAM CUPCAKE SHOTS! They are a mixed of vanilla vodka, caramel, salt, cupcakes and more. It…
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25 Responses

  1. Oh You Know says

    2:06 Damn you Skyy!

  2. hehesigh says

    she’d get it..

  3. E Smith says

    Vulgar, stupid, repulsive.

  4. Nicholas Perry says

    Hey, Don’t talk about yourself that way.

  5. Qtipz123 says

    Diabetes in a shot glass. 1 drink and you’ve got diabetes for the rest of
    your life >.<

  6. larrishaphilpot616 says

    Sexy at the end

  7. James Garcia says

    Lol its funny how other girls leave negative post’s of the girls in this

  8. wombat465 says

    Yum and the drink doesn’t look bad either

  9. k15hanj206 says

    i wanted to see her swallow the cream

  10. Brandon Lee O'Connell says

    No Fun TGT

  11. kujmous says


  12. Courtney G says

    Wouldn’t this shot be better if you put the pink salt on top instead of
    actually in the mix?

  13. Manoffriendship says

    GIRL COMENTATORS!! Stop leaving negative posts of the girls in Sky’s
    videos. Yeah I know your jealous of hot they are, but instead of being
    jealous of how hot the girls in the vids are, workout your own hotness
    first…like hit the gym and slim down and get some cool style to stand out
    from the other girls, but please don’t spread your negative filled jealous
    vibe, ruins the vid for the rest of us.

  14. JesuWho says

    right, this is not a shot. It’s more like a drink..

  15. 4sugahngigglez says

    gotta be real her voice bothers me, but goddamn her boobS!!!!

  16. Nicolas Angel says

    its because of comments like these that there are less and less tipsy

  17. Rihan miimo says

    I like her XD

  18. julio sanchez says

    ther ending… O.O

  19. Exposure VII says

    You he hit that after the video

  20. Anthony Bowman says

    Californians were supposed to talk with my same accent so why does she say
    syrup like “sir-up” when it’s pronounced “sear-up”?

  21. AsmrAddict29 says

    She has nice tits ;)

  22. StrawberriLust says

    He smashed.

  23. Kanye East says

    Mmmm diabetes

  24. dxman417 says

    Who gives a shit about the shot! The ending requirements are a second pair
    of pants?

  25. burben2010 says

    She’s so beautiful, cute, funny… Really cute when she does the talking
    with the hands <3?


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