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How To Make Ice Cream Faluda. Falooda Kulfi Recipe | Faluda Kulfi

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  • How To Make Ice Cream Faluda. Falooda Kulfi Recipe | Faluda Kulfi Click here to read Faluda Kulfi Recipe in Hindi. Also known as falooda kulfi recipe, Kulfi Falooda.

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    25 Responses

    1. Pooja Saini says

      I want to know from where, I can buy this machine nd its? cost also,

    2. Nisha Madhulika says

      This cookie press or kitchen press is available at almost all the utensils shops and priced at around Rs.300. You can search cookies press or “kitchen press? for farsan” at google and find online suppliers too.

    3. sukaran Singh says

      nice? recipes

    4. shubham singh says

      aunty what? is this sabja ke beej..from where i could get them..uska koi alternative h???

    5. manjusharron says

      nishaji i am from? noida .can u plz tell me the specific shop from where i can get sabza..thanks

    6. Nisha Madhulika says

      I purchase Sabza or Tukmaria seeds from Nanak Stores, Central Market Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi but it? may be available at all the big dry fruits stores.

    7. Nisha Madhulika says

      Sabza seeds are also called Tukmaria seeds, babui seeds.? It may be available at big dry fruits stores.

    8. deepti singh says

      aunty you are too gud at explaining…thank you so much…please upload a video for making kulfi at home..:)?

    9. Nisha Madhulika says

      If Sabza? seeds are not available at your locality, make the falooda without sabza seeds.

    10. Nisha Madhulika says

      Thanks Deepti Singh. I have also uploaded Kulfi recipes?? at my youtube channel.
      youtube ??? com/watch?v=3GYlSdx2hHI

    11. shubham singh says

      ok..thanx for the suggestion ni rahe te vo seeds…?

    12. MsScorpyscorp says

      Ma’am where? do we get arrowroot powder from in south delhi?

    13. Girl In Trouble says

      This is the real thing? OMG

    14. Nisha Madhulika says

      It is available at almost all the kirana shops. ?

    15. Sankalpa Mishra says

      the other name of arrowroot power is maize powder?

    16. MsScorpyscorp says

      Sankalpa, the other name for maize flour is cornflour.? Arrowroot is a different kind of starch which has its own characteristic and is very distinct from maize pdr/cornflour.

    17. Bakul Dholakia says

      this best? for all of us

    18. Rubecca Hasan Shahid says

      Aunty I made falooda sev using? ur recipe oh my my its awsum…my falooda tastes phenomenal with the sev..Thanks for posting your recipes :) Love from Chicago…

    19. Rubecca Hasan Shahid says

      I used chia seeds instead of basil seeds(sabza seeds) as I dont get them readily here but chia seeds are identical to basil seeds difference being they are south american origin but tastes and looks exactly the same…hope? this helps.

    20. Nisha Madhulika says

      thanks for sharing your experiences Rubecca Hasan Shahid,?

    21. Nisha Madhulika says

      Thanks and? welcome Rubecca Hasan Shahid

    22. ameer20able says

      Where can I get sev machine?

    23. Nisha Madhulika says

      It is available at utensils shop. You can purchase it online? too. Search Cookie press or kitchen press.

    24. Madiha Mudassar says

      hello, i don’t have sev machine and can’t even find it? anywhere, can i make the sev in a bottle like we make jalebi????

    25. Nisha Madhulika says

      Madiha Mudassar, I do not think that? sev can be made in a bottle as we have to press these. We can use cookie press to make it. Cookie press is available almost all over the world.


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