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How To Make Ice Cream Fancy. How to Make Fancy Ice Cubes

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Welcome video host and fitness instructor Arielle Novak as she shows you how to make 4 different types of fancy ice cubes at home – lemonade ice cub…
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13 Responses

  1. Lauren Hefez says

    yes, I did fruit ice cubes, and spinach ice cubes for green smoothies. I
    can not put in a link here, but I will message you.

  2. carlafunes17 says

    Your video is more than perfect!!! Love it!!!!!!

  3. Lauren Hefez says

    Similar to my spinach ice cubes! Love it!

  4. Lauren Alford says

    Hahaha – sounds good! Thanks!!

  5. dymond804 says


  6. NuWave Fitness says

    very cool stuff you got here i subscribed :)

  7. heyybabe345 says

    Great idea!

  8. diethealth says

    Thanks Carla, glad you liked it! Let us know which flavor is your favorite :)

  9. Lauren Hefez says

    OR actually I have no idea how do this. haha its on my youtube channel.
    “Green ice cubes for green smoothies ”

  10. diethealth says

    So many awesome variations you can make of these cubes – Love your ideas
    too Lauren!

  11. Lauren Alford says

    Fantastic ideas! Yummy!!

  12. Lauren Alford says

    Spinach ice cubes? I’m intrigued! Do you have a link for these?

  13. karalmac says

    These are perfect for me! I drink so much water in the summer, it needs a
    little kick so I can stay away from all the sugary juices.


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