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How To Make Ice Cream Float. How to Make an Ice Cream Float

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25 Responses

  1. TheSofiakitty says

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  2. MrJammydification says

    what did you make it? from? i have what we call coke floats all the time

  3. Severus Llama says

    try putting vannila ice cream in soda water (plain fizzy water only) wait for? it to bubble and fizz for one minute mix it up and drink the creamy liquid top with hundreds and thousands soooooooooooooo yummy ;)

  4. Richard Xu says

    yeah? i did. it was her hair

  5. Quran871 says

    Step 5 make sure u drink with your mouth which is located on your? head sipp sipp gently

  6. Anthony Nguyen says

    Yum lol?

  7. thesodathief says

    dun get ples? tel

  8. Youssef Y says


  9. thesodathief says

    dun get? ples? tel

  10. Meghan Smith says

    What? if you aren’t American?

  11. michelle752000 says

    You just answered your own question? .-. then you’re not American, what else?

  12. 313hummer says

    Step 1: Get a boat.

    Step 2: Get some ice cream.

    Step 3: Go to ocean.

    Step 4: Put ice cream on boat and wish it? a happy life of sailing. Congratulations, your ice cream float is finished!

  13. Michelle Blackwell says

    Really Howcast?? Was a video really necessary?

  14. cubasalupo says

    Once I? had an ice cream float it was vanilla and coke! Best ever

  15. win7guy1 says

    It took me 51 seconds to find out the “guy”? was a women ….

  16. Natalie Baker says

    what will i need?

  17. xpeacexlovexkarax says

    or nuts

  18. tonefitz125 says

    Is that a men or woman?

  19. muffycrosswire says

    C’mon Howcast, you couldn’t just use a man instead? of a woman pretending to be one?

  20. jorge harrizon says

    hahah im sorry but… am i really the only one around here who really thinks that mixing coke with vanillaicecream is just? disgustin? o.o

  21. winrx says

    Use seltzer water with Hershey syrup instead of? soda as a lower calorie alternative…..

  22. nicola duke says

    Am I the only one who thinks? hes

  23. nicola duke says

    Try again lol am I the only one who thinks these? r disgusting?

  24. Fleecey Jameson says

    They put the? soda in first? Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  25. sofia aguilar says

    Try with root beer and vanilla ice cream it tastes? good


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