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How To Make Ice Cream For A Store. Ice Cream Crepe Cone – Shinsegae Dept. Store – Ansan Answers

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  • How To Make Ice Cream For A Store. Ice Cream Crepe Cone – Shinsegae Dept. Store – Ansan Answers – As we wandered through the food court of the Shinsegae Department Store in Busan, South Korea, we came across this unique desse…

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25 Responses

  1. pasaeng2011 says

    i am wondering. hot or warm crepe won’t melt the ice? cream?

  2. Kelly Wu says

    Gods, looks amazing?

  3. Míu Angel says

    Team Work <3?

  4. razvan marin says

    they look so…sad?

  5. FracisBachy says

    How to make cream??

  6. ?? ? says

    It’s? in Aberdeen mall in Vancouver Richmond

  7. ?? ? says

    Pasaeng2011 the crepes are? cold after being ready to put toppings

  8. yui BiBi says

    they have a? very great team work!!! *0*

  9. ?? ? says

    ????? ?.?

  10. edgar hernandez says

    Looks delicious! N i like how clean they are even wearing? a face shield thingy good hygene(: less germs going around

  11. Michelle Ton says

    What’s that yellowish? block they put in the crepes that looks like cheese lol????

  12. luis portalatin says

    japan does it better?

  13. bakaanikimachisu says

    Another copy of Japan?

  14. a01073302781 says


  15. a01073302781 says

    Japen no?

  16. yudhi pewe says

    Forget the crepes.? The girl is so cute !

  17. agness991004 says

    Korea department?

  18. ExtremeAnalDischarge says

    A bit scrimpy on the? batter. Fill that shit up. Your Crepe is thinner than Kate Moss.

  19. kea90724 says


  20. Danina Hernandez says

    How much did cost?

  21. xOStrawToberryOx says

    them team? work though

  22. ?? ? says


  23. Rosita Bonita says

    is a cheese cake and surgical mask?

  24. binette marielle says

    quel sorte de fromage

  25. jamila saleh says



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