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How To Make Ice Cream From Greek Yogurt. Chocolate-Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt | Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

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Happy Friday! Now, we’re only eleven days into 2013, so I know you’re all sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. But don’t you still want to indulge on the…

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24 Responses

  1. ibreka1 says

    woooow? i like it

  2. ibreka1 says


  3. bigeyesxx says

    Is it okay to use the chunky peanutbutter??

  4. Keshav Prasath A says

    This is too good to? resist , will surely try it (; .

  5. Shawnie Davis says

    personal preferance?

  6. firstlady83 says

    definitely trying this soon!?

  7. Mike Christensen says

    Is there an alternative to? condensed milk.

  8. Sarah Carey says

    Sorry to say there isn’t. The texture? of the condensed milk is what gives the finished product the smoothness you are looking for.

  9. satira2087 says

    Could I use orange juice concentrate instead of the chocolate? and peanut butter?

  10. Morgie SmileyY says

    can i use vanilla greek yogurt?,? looks sooo good!

  11. fivesmiles says

    what kind of greek yogurt did? you use??

  12. s bailey says

    How many p3ople does it serve?

  13. SMDSMMFD112 says

    FROZEN YOGURT!!!>>> NOW!!!!?

  14. SMDSMMFD112 says


  15. The Divine Hostess says

    Looks yummy! I would need a? mixer though

  16. Faith L says

    Could I use a hand? mixer instead of and machine? I don’t have a machine like yours.

  17. John Monaco says

    I’m currently in the process of freezing and stirring this concoction and I’m probably the most excited I’ve ever been in my life. Sarah Carey – you? are a goddess sent from above.

  18. Bella bell says

    if you did’t want to use peanut butter would you? just add more yogurt?

  19. BeaverDAMage says

    I wonder if almond milk could be used and maybe powdered? peanut butter

  20. Harish Nigam says

    Made? this and it was delicious!!!

  21. gluv208 says

    Can u add? Nutella instead of peanut butter to make a Nutella ice cream? :p

  22. dylan chan says

    I tried this and sorry to say it tastes really weird! I then tried making this again but this time without the peanut? butter. It was better :) thanks for the recipe anw~

  23. KustomFu says

    looks awesome, but the only ingredient I have is milk… (and some Quik chocolate milk? cocoa powder)

  24. Dottie Martin says

    Sounds so awesome…you’re? making me hungry!


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