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How To Make Ice Cream From Milk. No sugars, NO creams, NO milk! Healthy Banana & Peanut Butter Ice Cream!!

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http:// You will be amazed at how easy and delicious this recipe is! But what’s really awesome is it’s TOTALLY healthy…no sugars, no cre…

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25 Responses

  1. 1337Bunneh says

    This looks soooo yummy :)?

  2. TheAbStand says

    Ice cream is one of the things that is missed when maintaining a? healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing this alternative with us!

    Those of your viewers that are looking to work their midsection should check us out at our channel!

  3. Mk Gp says

    u just? got this from blogilates, didnt u??

  4. miamibabii77 says

    awwww :)?

  5. ahfimiwonawun says

    Ok, this works? for me.


  6. Vionaika Perez says

    Miss Buffy :)) I want to know? how long did it take you to get the body you have and when did you first start seeing results?

  7. shanndam says

    How many calories does? one serving have?

  8. djsquad warido says

    yes miamibabii?

  9. Pinkeyez34 says

    Holla…lol? love the vid. Will definitely try this

  10. dubcee8101 says

    What if u? don’t want to add peanut butter!? Does it still come out ok?!

  11. SolidnValid says

    The way you stomped your foot and “Child you better run out and? make this ice cream”. I’m done but I HAVE TO try this. Get my ice cream fix with a guilt free conscience.

  12. Bootynomics says

    I’ve made it? without the peanut butter. Try it out.

  13. Bootynomics says

    I don’t? know what that is..sorry

  14. Fredro Milla says

    Good recipe and you have? a great personality

  15. MischievousKittie says

    i do this with mangos and it? delicious

  16. fefereedable says

    I just made it. Its sooo good! Waiting? on it to freeze

  17. AuraofSWEETS Matthews says

    Does this? make ya but big lol cause I’m trying

  18. Bootynomics says


  19. xPRiiNC3SSiiNx says

    I loove you and your videos! Thanks for this video I will try? it as soon as possible :)

  20. Shannon Murphy says

    I have? to try

  21. mluannc says

    You are so? pretty

  22. TheTwinsz says

    this recipe is amazing, i got everybody in my family eating it, i get my sugar sweet cravings without the guilt, girl i just wanna? say

  23. yuting li says

    thx. I will never eat ice cream again:)?

  24. Shantay Alicia W. says

    Can not? wait to try this with shaved dark chocolate as a garnish! Thanks Buffie ;-)

  25. lvb160 says

    Cracks up”child u betta run out an make this ice cream” lol?


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