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How To Make Ice Cream From Rice. How to Make Rice Krispies Ice Cream Sandwiches

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I made a shortened version of this video primarily for my Algebra class (I taught them how to scale down a Rice Krispies recipe using proportions) and though…

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25 Responses

  1. Xolette says

    Yup, I have birds!

  2. Paul Calderon says

    I wanna merry you

  3. Xolette says

    @MrBigdaddy8 Ha, thanks– blooper reels are fun to edit :)

  4. honey badger says


  5. Niklas B. says

    epic scene :D:D 3:15

  6. Ahnko Chee Outdoors says

    WOW you did not hold anything dangerous in this whole video except the
    melted jumbo marshmallow. Are you going soft (like a marshmallow) on me?
    Great vid, thanks! 8-) PS. Have you tried stuffing that heart mold with
    rice & Spam? ;-)

  7. kgaafilm says

    More knife throwing videos please!!!!

  8. MrBigdaddy8 says

    I like how you many time show your “mistakes” at the end of your videos,
    kind of like a blooper reel.

  9. Xolette says

    @edgedweapon88 Aw, thanks :) Glad you liked it edgedeeapon88! Stay safe as
    well and happy holidays

  10. ewtoutdoors says

    Cool video they look delicious and you did a good job of describing eating
    it. Take care and have a great day.

  11. thenrylee says

    @Jehuty989 I missed the dog, but did you see the size of that rat? Man,
    that was the biggest rat I ever saw.

  12. dave powers says

    replace regular butter with hash butter woot

  13. bordone says

    such a nice smile

  14. Xolette says

    @Beachcrib Sure :) What did you have in mind?

  15. samgab says

    lol, awesome juxtaposition between knife throwing and baking…

  16. Xolette says

    @celestialdls Haha, I thought you were actually a YouTube knife throwing
    fan– jerk. :) I’ll have a knife throwing vid coming up. I got some “Eddie
    Sparkles” targets that look very much like Edward Cullen. You should come
    visit and we can shoot a vid!

  17. Jehuty989 says

    cute doggie! :D

  18. Bill McCarthy says

    2:43 – Did you sneak a bird in there? lol

  19. Xolette says

    @Darkendragon I don’t know if you could really melt those Jumbo
    Marshmallows. They were different from normal marshmallows– very rubbery.
    Yes, I’ve made what my friend called “Gamers” which is Rice Krispies,
    drizzled with caramel, chocolate, and white chocolate!

  20. Joshua Stockton says

    @Xolette Melted sugar is like delicious napalm…of course it’s going to
    burn through plastic! lol

  21. Xolette says

    @jabara83 No, I don’t tell them. And they don’t look really, I hope. :)

  22. celestialdls says

    Where are the knives?! Bull sh*t! :) jk. But that looks delicious.

  23. Xolette says

    @TeamSKILSpro isn’t he? :)

  24. Mr2tails says

    Mdm, please stick to your knives and shotguns. I am scared of you cooking,
    reason being you used a non-microwavable container to mircrowave your large
    marshmallows. =P On the other hand, icing sugar can be used to replace the
    marshmallows if need be.

  25. chase hicklin says

    ba ha ha butters


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