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How To Make Ice Cream In A Plastic Bag. How To Make Ice Cream in a Bag

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Making ice cream in a bag is the best workout for kids. Not only is it fun to make, it’s healthy! All it is is milk, sugar, and flavoring, I used vanilla. Th…
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11 Responses

  1. MinecraftNerd0816 says

    That’s cool?

  2. MinecraftNerd0816 says

    I’m sorry something weird is happening with the typing its like I can’t use
    to words and put them together let’s see if this works sorry if I doesn’t
    or does not :D again great job?

  3. yiannis lazarou says

    2ond coment!LOL /?

  4. pyretta1331blaze says

    i just made it its so good?

  5. Lauren Paisley says

    You changed your name

  6. Alicia Sykes says

    this looks like a great project i luv it maby i’ll try it sometime well
    this does look good for december well i’ll just have to try it?

  7. TinyCupcakes12 says

    How did you get so many subscribers? 0.0?

  8. Qistina Junaidi says

    @0:49 forever alone. haha.. me too. .___.?

  9. MinecraftNerd0816 says

    Nope and 2 not to?

  10. CraftyMe says

    mine didn’t work :(?

  11. nael assad says

    omg i llllllooooovvvveeee your videos soooooooooooo much please make more
    easy cooking videos please ?


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