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How To Make Ice Cream In A Plastic Bag. How To Make IceCream In A Bag

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This video shows the easy steps on how to make icecream in a plastic bag. To complete this How-To you will need: Two resealable plastic bags, one gal.-sized …
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25 Responses

  1. HUMA BINT -E- ADAM says

    they r? just kids

  2. jmy melchor says

    michel is cute?

  3. oscar rodriguez says


  4. oscar rodriguez says

    baby? is a cutie

  5. Deanna Lawson says

    im going to try t if a little boy can? do it i can do it

  6. HowIts MadeTv says

    I recommend using half and half instead? of milk and using a gallon sized bag for shaking it :)

  7. humatinaq says

    Gd? work

  8. chappritajr says

    U? guys r cute

  9. Miranda Clark says

    EAT IT:) i? luved it

  10. Chrisitian Berganza says

    Thank you I tried it at home it? really worked

  11. bgcXdope says

    I tried it ! I made cookies n cream . Instead of adding vanilla extract , I just? used crunched Oreos . :S

  12. bgcXdope says

    It? great !

  13. Yeajee Lee says

    did Michel say 10? to 7 mins?

  14. Rebecca StarButterfly says

    no her said 10 to 7 Teen? minutes

  15. Rebecca StarButterfly says

    I mean? he, stupid typos

  16. Yeajee Lee says

    oh that makes? more sence

  17. Emely Ramirez says

    My sis thinks that micheal is hot?

  18. Bethany Bolduc says

    i? just tryed it and it workked

  19. Eli Carbajal says

    Isn’t? cool

  20. hobi2012 says


  21. takejeje says

    It? works

  22. Clarissas Wallets says

    it worked!! we put them in popsicle? makers to we made a vanill popsicle thang

  23. Treshaun Duncan says

    At the end he put suger in the bag? and said it was mother uckin ice cream

  24. greene4e3n3 says

    kids you are adorable.? thank you so much for this!

  25. Arissa Henderson says

    It works thanks? :D


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