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How To Make Ice Cream Jewelry. DIY Jewelry Box / Desktop Organizer / Easter Basket

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DIY Jewelry Box / Desktop Organizer / Easter Basket

With just a few wooden craft sticks, you can can create these adorable jewelry boxes or desk organizers. They also make wonderful boxes for treats, keepsakes…
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DIY eraser making kit to make yourself ice cream eraser

DIY eraser making kit to make yourself ice cream eraser

  • DIY set to make your own ice cream cups for cellphone charms, magnets, jewelry etc. can also be used as erasers!
  • the clay is very soft and is called “Fuwa Fuwa mousse” in Japan, “Fuwa Fuwa” means “soft like a cloud” in Japanese
  • with molds for different ice cream cups variations
  • width: 10cm (4″), height: 8.2cm (3.2″), depth: 10cm (4″)
  • clay mousse in yellow, white, blue & red, mold set for different ice cream cups variations, box for cooling the mold

DIY set for making ice cream cups erasers from Japan by Kutsuwa

List Price: $ 5.99

Price: $ 5.99

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25 Responses

  1. mixchoclate says

    wow i just find your videos today. I was? looking for something to do with my kids for mothers day. I work in a daycare center in the infants room. i love your stuff. I am going to try the candy flower for mothers day and try this later when i have more time. Thank you for sharing.I will be back, you are great.

  2. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Thank you so much! I’m really glad to know that enjoyed my tutorials. Have? fun! :)

  3. Wolfy warner says

    Hay? I love watching your vids if u won’t could u do somthink wolf involved pls I would really apreshat that if u did

  4. Wolfy warner says

    I love your vids could u do somthink wolf? involved that would be great your epic you are. :)

  5. Wolfy warner says

    You really are? epic

  6. Wolfy warner says


  7. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Thank you! :)Wow! Something wolf? Hmm! I will have to think about that one. This is a challenging request.? :)

  8. Ryan Harvill says

    love it. im? going to make one for my lo for her 2nd bday.

  9. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Aww! Cute! I hope? she loves it! :)))

  10. emo cool says

    OMG!it? is so cool!my mum is so happy!

  11. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    That’s great! I’m glad you found something to give her that she liked! Thanks for letting me? know! :)))

  12. Harmanjeet Singh says

    helped? on my sis art protect

  13. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Thank you! It makes me? so happy to know that people actually went out and made one of my projects or looked at a video for some help. Thank you for your comment. :)))

  14. DiVaLiCiOusLyMe says

    Can you use just normal popsicle sticks and then paint it? By the way this box looks? cool.

  15. DiVaLiCiOusLyMe says

    Can we stack? the cover of it to make it like harder?

  16. DiVaLiCiOusLyMe says

    How? many layers of popsicle sticks did you make before you stop and let the glue dry? By the way this is so cool and pretty :D

  17. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Thank you so much! Yes, you can use normal popsicle sticks, no problem. The box will be a little smaller that’s all. You can also paint it after you glue it as well. Just make sure you? get in between the spaces really good or your box wont look as finished. Thank you for commenting. :)

  18. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Yes, you can do that if you wish. As long? as you still glue those 2 popsicle sticks underneath to make sure your cover doesn’t slide off, then it’s fine. :)

  19. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    I think I stopped at around 7 or 8, that’s when it started to be a little wobbly and slippery for me. ? If your’s aren’t too bad and are still pretty straight, then you can go on even higher before letting it dry. Thank you for all your comments and I hope you got the answers you were looking for. :)

  20. Cheyanne Crystal says

    This is? so cool.wish I could make this but ran out of Popsicles:(

  21. Cheyanne Crystal says

    I love? the 2nd one the bunnies make it cute:)

  22. moolie hang says

    This just? gave me an idea for Halloween….thanks!

  23. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    These are so cheap at the craft store and they sell some also at the dollar? store. Maybe you can buy more. :)

  24. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    Thank you!? I really appreciate it. :)

  25. TheFuzzyDragon1 says

    I’m happy it inspired you to make something of? your own. :)


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