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How To Make Ice Cream Magic. Ice Cream Magic Review

Ice Cream Magic Review – As Seen on TV Ice Cream Maker.

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24 Responses

  1. Dieanea Valdez says

    Thinks for? the video

  2. Rebecca Spaulding says

    I would rather? buy a container of ice cream it would cost the same (maybe less) as the ice cream magic. Too much work, too much shaking, and too many ingredients to have to remember.

  3. Grace Griffin says

    Can u use? milk instead of cream?

  4. Ricky Bobby says

    my niece made? me some chocolate ice cream. and boy oh boy….my asshole turned into niagra falls the following morning

  5. Perry Diaz says

    The? vanilla part ! Lol

  6. Martin Morasch says

    Consistency is runny for the most part… Disappointed? kids

  7. Racine Laws says

    hate mine! doesnt give you much ice cream and the kids? cant even do this. it takes to long and it wears my arm out

  8. Lauren Edwards says

    Mine? didn’t even work… its hopeless.

  9. Chuck Lee says

    i would rather shake? the ice cream magic instead of buying a shake weight

  10. Michael Cheuvront says

    You’re? no fun!

  11. taroni40 says

    You’r so? fun

  12. rebecca Fortuno says

    that is not true

  13. pokelover66544 says

    mine kinda worked? it had consistency of a frosty from wendys

  14. FrostBite Pokin says

    Is it cold?

  15. 91Riff says

    2:16? laughed so damn hard haha

  16. Vanessa Veak says

    woah that late reply,? well thanks for replying back to me

  17. bigskygm86 says

    umm really people want something to do with their kids and maybe just maybe not everyone wants to buy ice cream at the store that has so? much extra shit added to it.

  18. mom2cdb says

    Thank u?

  19. mom2cdb says

    Thank u so? much it helped me

  20. Jonhy456 says

    I? thought that was some BS. Interesting.

  21. Connie Mcavoy says

    when I made it,it came? out as a milkshake

  22. Patricia Pompei says

    Great? stocking stuffer. Thanks. :)

  23. Vanessa Veak says


  24. Tracy Vaughn says

    Put it in the? freezer


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