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How To Make Ice Cream Mochi. How To Make: Mochi Ice Cream

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How To Make: Mochi Ice Cream

Hey guys! My mochi ice cream did not turn out as successful as I’d hoped. D: but I think I did pretty well. I followed the instructions on the box of the flo…
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    20 Responses

    1. JulieAnnie1 says

      OH MY? GOSH I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Nhung Dao says

      AHHH! This looks soo good!! Im gonna try 2 make it soon!!! :D?

    3. tzzilers says

      Awesome thnks for? the epiccc how to make!!!!! :D

    4. SuperbadXx says

      its to? thick

    5. midnightrebourne says

      I’ve been wanting to make this for forever.
      But I have no rice flour and have no clue where to? get it.

    6. ohdaoism says

      Hi! You can get rice flour at any asian grocery store or sometimes health food stores. You can also get it online if you can’t find it in stores. :)? Good luck!

    7. midnightrebourne says

      I don’t have any Asian grocery stores around, and the nearest health
      food store is almost two cities over.
      But, fortunately I did find some affordable rice flour on Amazon!
      I plan on trying this really? soon! c:

    8. ohdaoism says

      Great! Just be careful with the microwave, otherwise it’ll be too hard. :) have? fun!

    9. midnightrebourne says

      Right, thanks for the advice!? I will c:

    10. Jzon Mago says

      can i put it? in the oven????

    11. ohdaoism says

      I haven’t tried that, but I’d stick to? using the microwave! :)

    12. kitty mama says

      Look funny?

    13. isela martinez says

      damm? its thick……but cool.

    14. Pedobearcrap911 says

      Anything I can use? instead of rice flour?

    15. Sabrina Huang says

      I think you should try to? use a tiny bit more water and when you stir try to stir until there aren’t lumps

    16. Pedobearcrap911 says

      Your only supposed to use 1 cup of rice flour and 1 cup? of water

    17. Pedobearcrap911 says

      Thats why the mochi is so thick?

    18. Prettypinnk6 says

      The only non-Asian grocery store where I bought mochi is at trader joe’s. that’s where they have it where I? live

    19. knaxxxi31 says

      Too? thick

    20. Miaqueen124 says

      Yea I? got my mochi from trader joes


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