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How To Make Ice Cream Mochi. Japanese Ice Cream Mochi Taste Test

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Japanese Ice Cream Mochi Taste Test

A taste test of Japanese Mango Mochi with ice cream filling.

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16 Responses

  1. traknologist says

    They’re so good it’s sinful lol!

  2. jennisavii21 says

    Where do you purchase this?

  3. Paulina Garcia says

    I love these ! Green tea is my favorite!

  4. diamondriika says

    i’ve been wanting to try mochi for the longest time and this video actually
    got me out of bed to buy some and i can say i don’t regret it one bit

  5. Marissa Roland says

    Mango is my favorite fruit. Combined with mochi, AND ice cream, I’d be in
    heaven! Definitely buying these!

  6. traknologist says

    I can’t find them in my area anymore :-/

  7. traknologist says

    Let me know how it goes, I’ve been finding them more frequently in my area
    now but would love to make some on my own with less sugar!

  8. traknologist says

    Hello :) I purchased them at Whole Foods in West Chester Pennsylvania. I
    haven’t noticed them being in stock every time I’m there, but they seem
    like a popular item.

  9. juve3030 says

    How much was it?

  10. EllisJ16 says

    I’m going to try to make some.

  11. EllisJ16 says

    I’ve always wanted to try this, but there isn’t a place near me that sells

  12. traknologist says

    I’m going to see if they have some, I love green tea!

  13. Zender lermon says

    its really good, i have tried it before

  14. traknologist says

    I honestly do not remember? But I am going shopping this week, If they have
    some I’ll reply to your post with the price.

  15. traknologist says

    I have to try that flavor… I’m sure it’s good!!!

  16. imani clarke says

    im eating a vanilla one right now lol last one in da pack


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