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How To Make Ice Cream Mochi. Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream – Corporate History

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A look into the history of Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream, and a peek into their factory! Very interesting – harkens back to the days of those old educational vide…
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13 Responses

  1. wrathletik says

    Green Tea is the best one.

  2. aznboi1398 says

    mango ftw

  3. sam rigatoni says

    is this stuff good? i saw it in china town but didnt kno if i shouuld hav
    it …:P

  4. AnneDroid1 says

    Now I want sushi, sake and green tea ice cream!

  5. Jamie Lee says

    I love mochi ice cream like all of the flavors mango, kona coffee,
    strawberry,green tea!

  6. LucentTwinkle says

    who’s speaking? sounds almost like george takei, lolllz. kewl–

  7. writingoptions says

    RIP Frances! You will be missed. Bryan, Ryan and Joel, sorry for your loss.

  8. clairvoyantlust says

    i worked there…. best job ever!!!!!!

  9. David Carbajal says

    @samrigatoni it’s amazing!

  10. John Harris says

    @wrathletik yep yep i bought 5 boxes at trader joes last saturday :D

  11. nbahadoran says

    Someday I would like to try mochi ice cream

  12. NebulaInHeat says

    I love the George Takei narration! Ge-la-to!

  13. stardel6 says

    Mochi is so yummy


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