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How To Make Ice Cream Not Melt. Breyers “Frozen Dairy Dessert” is not Ice Cream, it doesn’t even melt!

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Breyers, the ice cream company that once lauded as one of the best for its simple ingredients and rich quality, has replaced their much loved products with a…
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Melting Ice Cream Cone Door Stopper – Realistic Vanilla Dessert Doorstop 4″

Melting Ice Cream Cone Door Stopper - Realistic Vanilla Dessert Doorstop 4

  • Cleverly designed vinyl doorstop.
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I scream, you scream, someone dropped their ice cream–or did they?

Cleverly designed vinyl doorstop can also be used as a paperweight, or to fool the unsuspecting with a faux-gooey mess! 4″ long.

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23 Responses

  1. Exitof99 says

    Actually, the Mint Chocolate Chip is terrible too. It was my favorite and it was destroyed.?

  2. dmcindc says

    It’s not even Ice Cream… more like? Ice Milk.

  3. BladeUtah says

    Breyers WAS one of the few regular brands that I would buy for the reason they had a higher standard than others. I? won’t buy this brand any longer.

  4. cornbreadspad says

    Im glad? you said it.I just bought some of this junk and wondered why it tasted like crap.Searched the web and discovered this video and a few others.What a mistake Breyers has made.Hopefully there sales wake there asses up.

  5. talksolot says

    All of these corporations ‘claim’ that we want the crap they’re feeding us, whether it’s depraved television programming or disgusting fake foods full of chemicals but frankly, I just think they’re lying. I think? their supposed ‘taste tests’ are all BS. They probably never even conducted any taste tests.

  6. Aubrey Martilini says

    Breyers made a horrible mistake of? changing their ice cream. Now I can’t even eat a single bite of the FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT without almost puking!

  7. SibeliusPro says

    I just bought some “Ice Cream” from Breyers, and I regret my decision wholeheartedly. I NEVER? buy ice cream however I decided to treat myself for once. I spent about 5 minutes perusing the aisle for what I wanted. I guess I wasn’t paying attention because I bought a frozen load of ****.

  8. SibeliusPro says

    Whoever? created Breyers is definitely cringing in their grave right about now..

  9. subsidingrougeable says

    I don’t care if it’s not ice? cream. It still tastes good to me. XDDD

  10. SolariEcho says

    I switched to a brand called “Turkey Hill” they make really good vanilla ice cream with just basic cream, milk, sugar and vanilla bean. It tastes? exactly like Breyers USED to be.

  11. jackdean90501 says

    I was in the mood for? ice cream, and always liked Brewers, so I picked a carton of Butter Pecan. It tasted terrible and nothing like Brewers did before they switched up on us. I read and saw it wasn’t really ice cream. I threw it away, and I am done with Brewers until I see the words Ice cream on the carton, and returned to the old recipe. They will too, or go broke, as this stuff is crap

  12. kemiim Megahan says

    I don’t think I’d buy or ingest this product (or brand) for either love or money. Unilever is clueless regarding what consumers want, yet they tag this video as representative of the minority? view.

  13. Magilla says

    Was so disgusting you ate half the carton, eh? Admit it, it was? delicious until you saw it was labeled “frozen dairy dessert” and you decided to be outraged…

  14. Lena Lin says

    We had to report to the complaints board that our Brand New Breyers Chocolate ice cream had a strange taste, and them found long knots of hair throughout the ice cream. We were shocked that someone else reported the same thing but with Vanilla, We pray that No one gets sick. Because something is not right here! It? Could be contaminated!
    God Bless!

  15. pignanelli says

    Maybe he was super-hungry after a heavy? workout or grass-cutting session! And as he said, it was frozen, thereby masking the “true” (unfrozen) texture… not at all what real icecream would be if you melted it.

  16. Hal Morgan says

    I’m not alone in my anguish! What is everyone buying now? that Breyer’s is out of the picture?

  17. James Croall says

    Only certain flavors by Breyers are this? crap. Many of the classic flavors are still made with just cream, sugar, and natural ingredients for flavors; just like they always have

  18. Couch Explosion says

    I want to eat that! It looks delicious! And when has ice cream ever been good for you anyway? They’re all bad for you, it’s? just for the taste.

  19. badgerlegion2 says

    I got this same flavor of Breyers last? night, and my immediate reaction was “What the fuck happened to Breyers? This is distilled nastiness!” I couldn’t finish eating it either. You can tell it doesn’t melt naturally on your tongue, the texture is quite odd for “food”, and it’s overly sweet yet the ‘frozen dairy’ part is oddly flavorless. Alternatively, I like Three Twins and Jeni’s, but they are costly. Kind of worth it, if you want an ice cream treat that is rare and rewarding, though.

  20. sporatica1 says

    Looks more like a bad Yeast Infection, than? Ice Cream!

  21. Martin Rayner says

    Not actually as bad as is made out in the video, but the new “frozen dairy dessert” is definitely inferior to real ice cream. As? with just about everything — you get what you pay for!

  22. NebulusPrime says

    I just got Butter Pecan w/o actually paying attention to the label & wow is this horrible!!! It? tastes worse than any of the store brands I’ve ever had!!! Ugh, what happened??? I agree w/this video. I’m returning 1 of the containers, replacing it w/Dreyer’s brand & never getting Breyer’s again!!!

  23. Lucas Trejo says

    Stupid bitches putting shit on the motherfucking ice cream!!!?


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