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How To Make Ice Cream Out Of Bananas. Chocolate PB Banana “Ice Cream” Tutorial

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I’ve got another quick bonus video for y’all! I’m showing you a super healthy way to enjoy soft serve “ice cream” guilt free! For my Weight Watchers brothers…
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18 Responses

  1. Shana Moore says
  2. Londa Bowden says

    You are on your way to GREATNESS!!

  3. Shana Moore says

    thank you <3

  4. Angel Anita says

    looks so good and love how simple it is, Thanks hun

  5. Nicole Marie says

    Whenever you take fruit out of its natural state you have to count it as
    points . ESP when blending. What you will need to do. Is put all
    ingredients into the recipe builder . It sucks I know I made a smoothie the
    other day and the banana had points. :( here

  6. Nicole Marie says

    Yeah go to weightwatchers website and type in fruit values it will give u
    two artic,ES explaining why fruit isn’t free is situations like that. :)
    how did ur weigh in go?

  7. IAmMsHoneyBee says

    This looks sooo good!! Thanks for the kiss!! :)

  8. Shana Moore says

    oh shucks… thanks for the headsup! bummer!!! =/

  9. Shana Moore says

    yep! this recipe is literally fail proof when it comes to tweaking it. You
    can even do it w/out the PB, add a splash of vanilla and have a simple
    yummy vanilla soft serve by itself alone or add some berries??!! yummm!

  10. Shana Moore says

    I’ll be sure to check that out. Sorry for misleading you or anyone else,
    I’m still kinda new at WW. BTW I just posted my weigh in! PS i got lucky =P

  11. Gracie T says

    That’s pretty awesome, :)

  12. supremebeautypinkie says

    Hey hunn! I subbed and I see that were both trying to get our channels off
    their feet , would you mind subbing back? :)

  13. Nicole Marie says

    Lol it’s ok I didn’t know at first either. And I just watched it :)

  14. Shana Moore says

    of course!

  15. Shana Moore says

    gracias amiga!

  16. Gracie T says

    Oh yah, can you use it without cocoa powder?

  17. zhangsta soohoo says

    YAY! looks so delicious!!! and you look super pretty!

  18. Nick Lopez says

    Your face at the end


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