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How To Make Ice Cream Out Of Paper. Paper Ice Cream – ??????????

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Where to Buy: Using some piece of square paper from the set, you can make cute ice cream with ice cream cup…

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24 Responses

  1. shayla bui says

    Are you a? boy or a girl

  2. qqcuz255 says

    wow are people like that clueless?… it’s? freaking origami …. NO YOU CAN’T EAT PAPER… IT’S ALL PAPER … jeez -.-

  3. Keevi142 says

    It feels…DELICIOUS!!

    *trying? to get off topic here*

  4. Thedarkpixie2 says

    o_o really o.o…………..reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllly? i did? not know it felt delicious to be called gay. hmm.

  5. sacdiguzman58 says

    Varón que facilidad para doblar tienes y que paciencia yo lo hubiese dejado a? medías

  6. ????? ????? says

    ??? ?????????

  7. ????? ????? says


  8. alycia ruffin says

    that’s great that your sticking up for that person. Wonderful job to the people who stuck? up for each other.^.^

  9. Toru Sano says


  10. elka138 says



  11. Sour Lemon says


  12. Diana Dobos says

    Non? male

  13. fa1234556 says

    p g o?

  14. MrTroll says

    Why hate? on the video when the totle and thumbnail of the video is true?

  15. Elizabeth Huang says


  16. Usui Takumi says

    This? is how I got involved with Japan right here, origami.

  17. amber nguyen says

    It makes me? feel so hungry!

  18. nakyung0904 says

    your man???

  19. ijustyodel says

    are? you men ?*

  20. Kane Packman says

    Kudos to you for? sticking up for that? person. You just prevented a flame war.

  21. fawz66655 says

    B bu? b jb bb jjjbbj bjb bijbjbjjbjbbnbnbbj

  22. maneewan896 says


  23. Alyssa Alforque says

    I? like it

  24. Valeria Castro Brissolese says

    me: *hear Iphone Ringtone* YOUR GONNA HEAR ME ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR.. sorry? it has nothing to do with this vid… btw: I could never do that with paper, even with instructions


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