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How To Make Ice Cream Poly Clay Charms. Polymer Clay Icecream Sundae Cup Charm

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Polymer Clay Icecream Sundae Cup Charm

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25 Responses

  1. tillylovescraft says

    I bought the strawberry cane of? ebay!:)

  2. tillylovescraft says

    ahaha? thankyou?xx

  3. tillylovescraft says

    Thanks xx?

  4. tillylovescraft says

    I got the strawberry cane? of ebay, and I made the blueberries just out of polymer clay like I said in the video xxXxxx

  5. 1Dbabesluv says

    thankz!do? you have any different canes?

  6. crafty0111 says

    So cute!?

  7. sammyjoyjoy says

    This is? so cute :)

  8. Sweetness ? says

    super cute,? tilly! ^^

  9. Cinnamon Sprinkle says

    I have to try this!?

  10. Claudia Kawaii says

    I will make this super cute? polymer clay charm :)

  11. heartofcupcake says

    OMG! the best video i ever seen! this is really cute, and so… amzaing. all this details, and fruit, and hard work you putting on making video! TILLY I’M SWEAR YOU ARE, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVOURITE POLYMER CLAYING-YOUTUBER!? I have to do ‘them’ and i hope that ‘they’ will lok like yours :) REALLY LOVE IT <3 byee

  12. HeavenlyGorgeousBrat says

    super cute :)?

  13. tillylovescraft says

    Thankyou so? much that is so sweet!! xoxoxoxoo

  14. heartofcupcake says

    Thank you for your answer it means a? lot for me <3

  15. Del M says

    I love? them!

  16. betterlovecraft says

    do u put the pin in before or after its been in? the oven

  17. MoomoH says

    What? editor do you use???????????

  18. Pop Tart says

    i ove your crafts you are a pro and an? inspiration

  19. iH3RtTuRtLe says

    California – Mindy Gledhill?

  20. cat valentine says

    SOO? CUTE!! n im gonna buy some clay so what clay do u use??

  21. Laia Fernandez says

    The best video that i see!!! Salutations from Spain!!!? Catalonia new state of Europe ||*||

  22. kawaiiclay100 says

    That? is the BEST tutorial ever!!!! I LOOOOVVVVEEEE your videos! You are the BEEESSSSTTT crafter ever!!!

  23. Kawaii Annie says

    epic!can u do a tutorial on decorations…cuz on this video ur sliced strawberries? looked so realistic can u do a tutorial on that plzzz….thx! ur videos r awesome!!!!!..ur soo talented!

  24. cottoncandy4unh says

    Love your ice? ream sundaes.

  25. missStrawberrykawaii says

    so? cute omg


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