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How To Make Ice Cream Puffs. Cream Puffs and Eclairs (Med Diet Episode 47)

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Pastry shells are simple to make, inexpensive and can be filled with cream custard, whipped cream or your favorite ice cream. Instructional video by Daniel D…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Fox Run Cream Horn Molds, Set of Six

Fox Run Cream Horn Molds, Set of Six

  • Set Of Six Cream Horn Molds
  • Tin-Plated Steel
  • Great For Making Filled Deserts Or Appetizers

Make tasty treats or fancy appetizers with this set of six cream horn molds. Wrap the cream horn with puff pastry and bake then fill with your favorite custard, fruits or any filling. 4.25″ l x .875″ diameter.

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    11 Responses

    1. 01MIA09 says

      thank? you for sharing the recipe =D

    2. Yeya La Bella says

      Instead of using corn starch what else can I use? ?

    3. DiTuroProductions says

      Thank you for your question.

      The most common substitute is 2 tablespoons (30ml) of? all purpose flour per tablespoon of corn starch. You may have to slightly increase the amount of extract to mask the flour taste.

      A PDF list of additional substitutes for corn starch is available on my website.

    4. renata galvão says

      try to use pastry bags so your eclair will look? nicer.

    5. DiTuroProductions says

      Thank you for your excellent tip. A pastry bag can be? used to make uniform cream puffs and eclairs. Using a disposable bag simplifies clean up.

    6. zycop42 says

      Constructive criticism: The name of the dough you are making is Pate a Choux, not puff pastry. Your pastry cream should be stored with plastic wrap touching the surface to avoid it forming a skin, covering it with a lid while it’s hot will cause water condensation to form on the lid and fall into it, encouraging bacterial growth and watering down your beautiful custard. If you see wet dough in the middle of your choux, it’s because you haven’t dried them out enough in the oven.? Happy cooking!

    7. DiTuroProductions says

      Thank you for your comments. You are correct cream puffs and eclairs are made technically from a? puff paste not puff pastry dough. I’ve never had a problem with skin forming or bacterial growth and avoid placing hot foods in contact with any petroleum based plastic. For this recipe I prefer an unnoticeable skin to leaching plasticizers. Increasing the cooking time will completely dry out the shells but some consumer ovens are designed to provide precise temperature control.

    8. emaaalicious says

      Hey, what is the? measurement for the sugar and flour?

    9. DiTuroProductions says

      The filling has 3/4 cup sugar and 1/2 cup flour. You can print the complete recipe from my website.?

    10. Jet Acer says

      Doesent? sound like my cream puffs I want an airey cream like whipped cream , yes you must eat right away but taste good

    11. DiTuroProductions says

      Sweetened whipped cream is a common filling and easily? made by beating whipping cream or heavy cream and powdered sugar. Cream fillings are common in southern Italy and have up to 80 percent less saturated fat compared to whipped cream making it healthier for people watching their LDL cholesterol. Thank you for the comment.


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