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How To Make Ice Cream Quenelle. How to Form an Ice Cream Quenelle

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  • How To Make Ice Cream Quenelle. How to Form an Ice Cream Quenelle Pastry Chef Patrick Fahy of Blackbird, Chicago, shows you how to form an ice cream q…

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    23 Responses

    1. seattle448 says

      well done, sir. i can not thank you? enough for posting this.

    2. brentweathers says

      thank? you sir

    3. NST Kr3w says

      sexiest? quenelle ever

    4. Rorschach616 says

      a? master at work, I bow to you

    5. ilja nooij says

      its not how you do a real quenelle?

    6. Sebastian Gatica says

      Beautiful? T-T

    7. Sebastian Gatica says

      Beautiful T-T

    8. DENMACKK says

      Beautiful! So? amazing!

    9. Seldinz says

      I’m melting.?

    10. malayrojak says

      Where is the “how” in this other than the technique? My guesswork is that the ice-cream must be at a certain temperature (probably “warmed” in the fridge for a while and not frozen straight from the freezer), and he warms his spoon in a tub of luke warm? to hot water (as you can still see the dissolved oxygen bubbles in it).


    11. SheSimmers says

      I mentioned in the post (see the link in the information section) that the ice cream needs to be left out of the freezer to soften just a bit so its texture can be, as Chef Fahy puts it, “scoopy.” His ice cream contains a fair amount of milk solids and some emulsifier, and is very smooth. So that makes it even easier to achieve a good-looking quenelle? than if you were to work with store-bought or homemade ice creams. As for the water, from what I remember, it’s room temperature.

    12. ChefCold says

      Haha im a pastry chef for a five star resort in park city and I believe I can answer some of the questions in the comments. The ice cream slash sorbet in this video is not warm, but simply kept in a less cold freezer, between a fridge temp and regular freezer. The water should be warm or hot for the spoon before quenelling, if the spoon gets? cold the ice cream slash sorbet will freeze to the spoon and form into a quenelle or releash from the spoon.

    13. ChefCold says

      To answer another question ice creams and? sorbets made in professional kitchens use a stabalizer to prevent the ice cream from melting too quickly or becoming icy over time. The technique in this video is what I like to the call the new age technique because it is a much faster and better way then what what previously taught. If you are a student and have more questions just write my youtube account and ill be sure to answer anymore questions on quenelling and ice cream.

    14. Salvatore Zucchetto says

      WOW !?

    15. paris1961425 says

      tres? bien!

    16. PepsiRawks says

      No. It’s hot water.?

    17. TheDominocut says

      that was so? romantic…

    18. naughteedesign says


    19. carol tollas says

      So lucky I know you! Now I want grab the sherbert out of? the freezer and try this technique!

    20. TheEviIOyo says

      where is the version u downloaded, the others are so fast and out of key.

    21. Spencer Arthur says

      Nice music. I’ve never been so? melancholy while looking at ice cream.

    22. LetOff12345 says

      Put it in a pacojet and quenelle away!?

    23. crojonphoenix says

      hehe,the music :)

      I sit aside? the window, gazing out as the rain weeps. My cigarette lays alone in the ashtray,softly billowing. :P


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