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How To Make Ice Cream Rings. Ice Cream Sundae Cocktail Ring

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This tutorial will show you how to make a super kawaii silver ice cream sundae cocktail ring. It’s perfect for summer:D The ice cream was made using polymer …
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25 Responses

  1. geronimom37 says


  2. JensVids says

    Is it real? candy?

  3. Mari kim says

    HOLY CRAP YOUR CUTE? in a pretty way

  4. Sofia Zamora says

    you are really pretty!!!! and the ring is? really cute!! :D

  5. craftydoll101 says

    Omg youre so pretty!!! Love ur tutorials!! I have so far done 3 the chocolate truffle the chocolate doughnut and the red velvet? cake!!

  6. Leslie cheth says

    Your so pretty I love this I can make good for my ag doll but I have no clay where do I? buy it? I live in USA California do u know where to get it?

  7. Leslie cheth says

    I mean food not good?

  8. Bria's bae says

    That? bitch hit ltf

  9. Troy Jackel says

    You should be in a? businnes and make earnings and rings!

  10. Hali Morlin says

    your amazing at clay!! I have? been working on clay for 2 years and I’m starting to improve! You really inspire me and your amazing!!

  11. Tingting Gabrielle says

    hi? i really like all yours clay

  12. Mustachio LPS says

    clay smiley face at 2:49!?

  13. EverythingStudios999 says

    You? are soooo pretty!

  14. saramascitti says

    you’re beautiful!!!!?

  15. Chanel Huang says

    Lol? I wasn’t the only one who notice the smiley face at 2:49…

  16. thedirtylitterbox says

    Whats the difference between tls and bake? & bond?

  17. Jeremy KGS says

    Your? face kinda look like Rihanna…

  18. KawaiiLuckyCat says

    There isn’t a difference. I think bake and bond might be? cheaper though.

  19. randomsnowflak3s says


  20. randomsnowflak3s says

    Toni you’re sooooo? pretty!

  21. Karson Powers says

    I’m going? to try that that’s so cute

  22. sharon b says

    Polymer clay?

  23. sharon b says

    Your? creations are amazing!

  24. Edith Pajuelo says

    Your? sooooooooooooooo pretty

  25. awsomeasian307 says

    Your sooooo ugly! Just kidding just wanted to say that? :)


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