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How To Make Ice Cream Roses. Antique Pink Rose Ring – Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial

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Antique Pink Rose Ring - Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial

I’ve never tried to color roses with chalk before and I’m really happy with the result. This ring really reminds me of fondant roses that I’ve seen at bakeries. If you don’t have a ring base…
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25 Responses

  1. Farina Ann says

    :O I love it! Send it here ;)

  2. MakeACraft says

    ¡This is very AMAZING! I Love you’re Job :) Thanks for your tutorials

  3. saranghae_amy says

    what kind of clay do you use?? polymer??

  4. ciz4claire says

    i made a rose but i’m scared to cut the bottom :) how did you make it so
    yours didn’t get all smooshed together? (the top)

  5. Carla Castillo says

    you are absolutely talented! just the right tutorials i’ve been searching
    for forever on youtube! <3

  6. crafty0111 says

    You are so talented with polymer clay!!!

  7. ciz4claire says

    Did you mix the clay yourself to get the ivory color or did you buy it like
    that? lol sorry i’m confused… :)

  8. Ann Youngin Jeon says

    I made one with a slightly pinker clay & dusted it with puple/teal pastels
    & it came out gorgeous! Plus i added some glam by gluing on a white pearl
    on the side

  9. Alexandra - Pérez says

    23, 666 o.o

  10. Misorraia says

    What brand of clay do you use? :)

  11. shanniexong1 says

    Awesome Pawsome!

  12. ana92pl says

    is this glue seriously that good? It wont fall off? Im thinking to order it
    but I dont know if anyone will ship it to Poland.. :(

  13. ToniEllison says


  14. nyanlova955 says

    Wat brand of chalk do you use and where do you get it

  15. cupcakeluver21304 says

    i love your tutorial soo much! i sit at my computer looking a you videos
    for an hour because you really are talented:)

  16. TwinkleToeCharms says

    I ? it! I added a tiny jewel to it as well :)

  17. ToniEllison says

    Thank you SO much!! You’re so sweet!!! :D

  18. 99ilovecookies says

    for videos

  19. ToniEllison says

    It’s no problem:D It’s a color from sculpey (or premo) that comes

  20. Rosanna Liang says

    What’s bright white?

  21. LizardTurtleLover says

    your so cool you are so good :)

  22. Bamboo Bear1306 says

    If only the sun was not there! Couldn’t c a thaing

  23. Michael Redmond says

    Why is the Sun so bright

  24. sahardajani74 says

    You can travel to a bunch of cities, and sell your amazing craft! It helps
    in many ways like: let more people see your craft, and raising some money!

  25. xChoco Puff says

    That’s a pretty rose. :3


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