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How To Make Ice Cream Roses. NY CHOW Report – Gelato Flowers at Amorino

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The Amorino gelato shop off Union Square is making gorgeous– and delicious– frozen flowers. Contributing Editor Alex Van Buren suggests swinging b…

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    26 Responses

    1. blank name tags says

      There is nothing greater than a tremendous brain-stimulating article. That’s just what you have got right here. I am able to hear my gears creaking. I personally concur with this specific content material. This is a really well-written top quality write-up. Many thanks.

    2. train horn kits for trucks says

      Thank you for coming up with this specific info. This is fantastic writing from a surely knowledgeable individual. I personally found your points valid, interesting and easy to absorb.

    3. PlatypusGuitar says

      I make recipes on my? channel. Just throwing that out there ;)

    4. CHOW says

      A valid concern! But, rest assured, we are still making other videos in addition to the NY CHOW Report. The NYCR’s launch on youtube every Monday, but our other videos often take more than a week to produce, and are not released on a regular schedule. We have two brand new Super Tasters, a My Go-To, and a slew of CHOW Tips coming very, very soon,? not to mention two completely new video series launching this fall. So, hold on, new stuff is coming soon, we promise!

    5. Fancylooks says

      This is freaking originality!?

    6. oishiininja says

      I wish I’d known about these places last year…
      I was in NYC and did almost NOTHING!

    7. XxPuddingFaceXx says

      NYC? always finds a way to amaze me.

    8. onholiday14 says

      Keep doing NY? Chow Report :)

    9. mikelzthing says

      holy shit! nyc has an amorino? i lived in paris before and those were all over the place! so worth the visit. TRUST. if the recipe is being made and shipped from paris, then it’s the same amorino gelato FROM paris. this video just made my day. now i can’t wait to go to nyc b/c there? is a fucking AMERINO there! agh! it’s seriously amazing. also, amorino is so french. it just is.

    10. John Lai says

      not that? you guys should stop/slow down making NYCRs — I love them, and I don’t even live in New York

    11. CHOW says

      Nope, we have? no plans to stop or slow down – expect new NYCR’s every Monday :)

    12. JohnWoo says

      Not really. You can get a large? cone for under $10, that’s not bad at all. I go there sometimes when I’m in NYC.

    13. professorM says

      Sorry guy, NYC is the food capital in the States. I don’t? live in NYC.

    14. FancyFancyName says

      I? WANT.

    15. yoursofakingstewpit says


    16. kandipop1410 says

      lol the intro is hilarious basically saying “hey u think ny? is crap? well we got icecream in shaped like flowers….”

    17. satish890 says

      Wow! Benassi and Van? Buuren in the same video!!

    18. Paige Elder says

      I love? Gilato! We have a place called Paciugo in Dallas that is amazing. (I live in Ft.Worth TX)

    19. AwesomeInEveryDrop says

      OMFG i want that? so bad now

    20. IcyFalls says

      They have Amorino in? Europe.

    21. opl500 says

      I wonder if you can make a sorbet out of doritos? consomme?

    22. kooki85 says

      Ooh, looks? like they have a shop in London… I’ll have to see if I can find it.

    23. sandrodream2 says

      the little angel at 00:24? bellissimaaaaa ^^

    24. Dominic Chua says

      Alex van Buuren? Does she have relation to the? trance artist Armin van Buuren? :D

    25. Daniel Rezaiekhaligh says

      Funny? thing is it is not expensive here in europe.

    26. tigerlilly1357 says

      i swear those flowers are so hard? to make! :D


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