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How To Make Ice Cream Sandwiches. Clay Made Easy: Ice Cream Sandwich

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Clay Made Easy: Ice Cream Sandwich

I used polymer clay.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. rebornlove15 says

    so cute! this would be great as a valentine gift can you do a video on a
    heart shaped pizza with cheese heart shaped pepperoni and red bell peppers

  2. stargatefansg1 says

    Awesome! Thanks for watching :D

  3. sarah jackson says

    im so making this. thanks.your gr8

  4. Craftastic pastels says

    Great tutorial

  5. LovelyGirlCreations says


  6. SweetNeptune090 says

    Love it ~<3

  7. stargatefansg1 says

    Thank you :D

  8. Craftastic pastels says


  9. Vanilla Dessert says

    dun be sarcastic-.-

  10. dazzlingsarah2000 says

    Make pavlova.. ^_^

  11. stargatefansg1 says

    Thanks :D

  12. Ana Rego says

    Fantastic ????

  13. Emily A says

    so cute and loved the description lol

  14. Leona Rodriguez says

    Super cute! Ive always loved the pink & brown combo..and in an ice
    cream..even better :)

  15. Kayleigh A says

    can we trade it is ok if we can’t

  16. Kepl77 says

    This is super creative!! I love it! I’m totally subscribing :D

  17. IlovetheAG says

    The people who disliked this don’t like ice cream sandwich’s

  18. iheartEE says

    I love your videos. :)

  19. stargatefansg1 says

    Hmm, sounds fun. I might give it a try :D

  20. stargatefansg1 says

    It’s called a kemper cutter :D I buy them from craft stores.

  21. MrsMiniatureMaker says

    Haha :D Yes they are so beautyful! I had to cry alot while reading it :D

  22. Inaya Zubair says

    ……….. Dont worry. o_o (The description says I used polymer clay)

  23. Inaya Zubair says

    My god. I love your description on this video. It nearly made me cry. So
    much meaning ;A; SO MUCH MEANING

  24. ~*Søu?ess Phøenix*~ says

    Are you a Singaporean

  25. Melissa Channel says

    That is soo cute…


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