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How To Make Ice Cream Soap. Making Ice Cream Cone Soaps Strawberry & Chocolate

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Making Ice Cream Cone Soaps Strawberry & Chocolate Here I am making Strawberry & Chocolate Ice cream cone cold processed soaps. some cupcake soaps ….. Havi…
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    16 Responses

    1. Soapy Jo's says

      ohh they look fab xx?

    2. shellbyrd1 says

      O wow they all look very yummy!?

    3. mtnfmsoap says

      Very cool, is the bottom cone part soap? too?

    4. Sandi Strasberg says

      really cool?

    5. Tbabbride says

      Niceeee, I’d? like to try a mini cupcake

    6. Michele Collins says

      Yes the bottom is also soap, it’s scented wtih pure chocolate…. I’ll upload that video in? a few minutes, LOL

    7. 805Soap says

      Cute thanks for sharing? ;]

    8. TheSoaperstar says


    9. 1976ariadna says

      Very cute!?

    10. tacabanPr says

      Hello, I wanted to ask how much time passes before you can sell these creations?? The aging of the soap changes depending on the form?

    11. Michele Collins says

      These are really no different in cure time for say a bar soap and a ice cream cone soap, they cure in the same amount of time frame and are usually ready to go within a few weeks? of them coming out of the mold. Depending on how fragrances interact with the soap it’s self, sometimes a fragrance oil will make a soap softer so it has to cure a little longer, but not regularily.

    12. Melanie Parsons says

      I was? wondering where you bought your mold for the bottom part (the ice cream cone) of the ice cream soap? or was it made of soap as well?

    13. Michele Collins says

      I bought the silicone ice cream cone cupcake molds? off of amazon

    14. honey562012 says

      Those are so unusual. I’ve never seen ice cream cone soap. Looks like a lot of soap used. If? you sell them, how much would one cone cost? Glad I found your videos tonight! Very Nice!!!

    15. cynt122112 says

      I would love? one please

    16. duchessofpa59 says

      this was really nice? hard work but the end result was worth it


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