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How To Make Ice Cream Using Whole Milk. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Recipe (How To Make) NO MACHINE! Easy! Dishin’ With Di Recipe #98

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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe:How To Make Homemade Ice Cream Recipe! Without Ice Cream Maker! Quick, Easy, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:Recipes & Vid…

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25 Responses

  1. DishinWithDi says

    It is exciting! ? LOL

  2. faryal memon says

    Homemad? icecream

  3. s101138717 says

    Please make? more recipes that don’t need ice-cream machine

  4. DishinWithDi says

    Check out my Strawberry Ice Cream and Rocky Road Ice Cream. You don’t need an ice cream maker for those either and they? are both delicious! My Hub likes the Rocky Road best. ;)

  5. spikok says

    is it different between heavy cream or thick cream??

  6. John Trac says

    I will try this. Made? your strawberry and it was yummy. ????

  7. DishinWithDi says

    Try the Rocky Road? next! ;)

  8. shasha mghfi says

    I made the rocky road ice cream and it turned out AWSOME so im sure this? will too :)

  9. DishinWithDi says

    Yay! ;)?

  10. shasha mghfi says


  11. Layanna Smart says

    Is there anywhere like I can bye your Starbuckd shakes because it looks? so good

  12. jamie bodre says

    This is wierd?

  13. jamie bodre says

    Put more food coloring?

  14. taroni40 says

    Love? mint

  15. DishinWithDi says

    Mint and Chocolate are? Perfect together! ;)

  16. Vivian Cibej says

    You must have a tv series?

  17. DishinWithDi says

    That? would be fun! ;)

  18. Michelle Gomez says

    @DishinWithDi what is the difference of vanilla bean past and pure vanilla extract and which one is better to use??

  19. DishinWithDi says

    The paste is? made by scraping the actual vanilla beans (those little dark specks) from the pods into a syrup-like mixture, which may also contain vanilla extract. I think the paste has more vanilla flavor than the extract, but it can also be more expensive and availability can be limited to specialty stores, although it can be purchased easily online. I use both pure vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste, but I do like the paste in ice cream, otherwise it just depends on my mood. lol ;)

  20. Megan Atkinson says

    Can you used canned whipped cream instead of making your own? Also can? you use whole milk xxxx

  21. DishinWithDi says

    I’m not sure how it would turn out if you replaced? the heavy cream with canned whipped cream, but whole milk would probably result in it being hard and icy.

  22. Kerri-Mae Ashley says

    Thank you for this recipe! ? I was searching for a simply ice cream recipe that does require any cooking or eggs….better yet a machine! The “batter” was good, it tasted much like the milk – can you use less and sets fine? Again thanks again…you are my go to cook!

  23. DishinWithDi says

    TY! I’ve noticed that flavor? intensity of extracts varies by brand, so adjust the amount as needed, if you’d like a more intense mint flavor.

  24. Michele Mora says

    I? LOVE!!!! Mint flavored ice cream you are sooo awesome Di :)

  25. duckthongthaitn says

    Is heavy cream same as thicken? cream?


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