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How To Make Ice Cream While Camping. How to Make Popcorn while Camping

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25 Responses

  1. aqa722 says

    foil become toxic whn it burns

  2. ChillyDawg219 says

    what if u want more than a handfull?

  3. Bubblejunk says

    So i need to take half of my stuff into forest and make popcorn :P Btw.
    Butter/Sugar/Salt/etc. is optional, this you need… Camp fire Foil Popcorn
    (ofc) Stick (can be found in woods) Oil

  4. alphakristjan says

    @abcuuuu Yeaa….”Looks like”


    Yeahhhhh Peru!!!!

  6. 1234cheatmaster says

    @abcuuuu how do u know

  7. Elizabeth Brown says

    i will just buy a bag or popped popcorn

  8. master123izo says

    that popcorn is a whore

  9. Seb Krause says

    What is this “fire’?

  10. Brianna Marino says

    1. Bring a rack for above the fire. 2. Jiffy pop. You’re done.

  11. metamorfoggie says

    Peru :)!

  12. Jessie T. says

    Yes i am totally with LOLAG3s, I mean it said how to make popcorn while
    camping, so if they didn’t say you need popcorn, you would all still be
    rude, so does it matter? And plus if you hate it so much don’t watch it!

  13. seckinboy says

    i thought it said how to make porn while camping.. :|

  14. cclovesyoutoob says

    So true! I took Jiffy Pop on a group camping trip and it was a huge success
    every night.

  15. meezyrmcrs4ever says

    @FireSqy you can go to the store and buy some to ;)

  16. Mhd_Aiman says

    That wont even satisfy me.

  17. equallywrong says

    …or you can just buy Jiffy-Pop in mini sizes and get a handle, more
    kernels, more flavors, and ultimately less burning.

  18. Abraham Espinoza says

    your bacicly fucked

  19. Maryanme2007 says


  20. NadrianATRS says

    something they forgot to mention, when you tie the foil to the stick you
    have to give some slack to make room for the popcorn after it starts popping

  21. Sufonic Abyss says

    Lets try this in our fire place :)

  22. talktome828 says

    How to Make Popcorn While Camping What you need: popcorn what the fuck?

  23. John Edward Rustria says

    what if I dont have popcorn kernels?

  24. Rami Emperor says

    Then you won’t have any popcorn unless u have actual corn on cob?

  25. chris parsaud says

    Just bring candy!?


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