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How To Make Ice Cream With Dry Ice. How To Make Your Own Dry Ice With a Fire Extinguisher

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How To Make Your Own Dry Ice With a Fire Extinguisher Dry ice – solid carbon dioxide used in refrigeration, alone or as a component of mixtures ozi?biaj?cych…
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Sanvn Ice Shaver Professional Ice Crusher Shaved Snow Cone Maker Machine

Sanvn Ice Shaver Professional Ice Crusher Shaved Snow Cone Maker Machine

  • Easy-to-use and Safe Operation : Just drop ice into hopper, push handle and let the machine do the rest Ice should be similar in size and be able to fit into hopper opening; large store-bought ice bags ideal for unit Simply flush machine with clean water and towel dry before storage Waterproof shield on On/Off Switch
  • Durable and Depensable Construction :Stainless Steel parts (hopper, casing, base, blades and bowl) designed for long-term use High-output motor produces plentiful amounts of shaved ice Perfect for commercial applications
  • Item Units :1x Ice Shaver Machine ,1x Stainless Steel Vacuum Bowl ,1x User Manual
  • Start enjoying the fun of making and tasting slush & drinks anytime in the convenience of your own home or to make profits in your own management! Perfect to Produce Hand-made Slush & Frozen Drinks for Fast-food Store, Snack Bar, Cafe, School Canteen, Clubs or Restaurant, Carnivals, Banquets or Festivals. Ideal for Home or Commercial Using !!! Apply to Anywhere People Gather to Have Fun and Enjoy the Cool Feeling Shaved Ice Brings About!Making large quantity of shaved ice for Hawaiian shaved ice, snow cones, slushies, drinks and desserts! Great for businesses, any occasion or to help beat the heat! The world originate full stainless iron ice crusher,it’s main used for crushing big ice into small ice,it is usually applied to cold drinks series,it’s also applied to slicing up popular foods(fruits and vegtables).This product make of full stainless iron,it has many advantages,just like non-rusty,safety,pro environment,health and so on.It adopts vacuous double layer stainless technique,so the cold energy wouldn’t waste.This is the ice shaver of all ice shavers. All stainless steel constructed, extra high efficiency, and a dual stainless steel blade. Don’t miss out on this handy tool for your business.
  • How to use:1,Open iron ice crusher cover,wipe ice tank with dry cloth,check whether the blade is firmly installed. 2,Check the power line and plug to insure the circuit contact in good condition and avoid creep age,then close the switch and plug in the ice crusher. 3,Open the cover of ice crusher,and put in some ice in the right amounts,the cover it. 4,Press the switch to start the ice crusher,depress the handle to push the ice to edge of ice crusher. 5,It is the better to use these ice with the diamteter 4-5cm,or you can break up the big ice to small one to use.

All Stainless Steel Construction
Stable base
Casing and hopper
Shaving blade
Vacuum bowl
Crush big ice into small ice
Make drink series
Slice fruits and vegetables
Highly efficient motor can produce 440 lbs of shaved ice per hour to meet demands of large amount of ice in a relatively short time
Safe Operation
On/Off switch has been shielded with a waterproof cover to guarantee safe operation
Smooth Elegant Shape
Its smooth design is surely an eye-catching glamour, completely different f

List Price: $ 999.00

Price: $ 171.00



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