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How To Make Ice Cream With Dry Ice. upd8 making ice-cream with dry ice

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An easy way to make ice-cream in school, using dry ice, which is cheap to get hold of.
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    10 Responses

    1. bmwsux3 says

      Woohoo first comment.

      You should? let it sit in the freezer for a while. Eating still solid dry ice is bad for you.

    2. taliban0king says

      15kg will last bout 5-6 days if? you keep it in a good cooler

    3. TheSweetalchemist says

      would cloth bag contaminate the dry ice leaving small fibers into the dry ice & into the cream? How do you when there’s no more dry ice in the ice? cream?

    4. 1stClassKids says

      This? can be lots of fun if done correctly. Don’t eat the ice cream immediately. Have gloves and something thicker than a pillow case to smash the dry ice in.

    5. emgibbs14 says

      cool? …

    6. paleopaladin says

      Brill job! This is the only video on this topic where the presenter is succinct and doesn’t waste time with stupid bits and cutesy? asides. Thank you thank you thank you!

    7. H?i Tr?n says

      Eww!!! Is this…eatable??

    8. afi motik says

      isok? diemplok tah iki?

    9. David J Alvarez says

      Safety Instructions

      Do not taste, eat or swallow! Dry ice is very cold and can damage your body.
      Wear heavy, insulated gloves. Since dry ice is cold, it can damage even your skin, giving you frostbite.
      Do not store in sealed container. Because dry ice constantly sublimates into carbon dioxide gas, storing it in a sealed? container will cause pressure to build up. If it builds up enough, the container could explode.

    10. JDGamingProject says



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