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How To Make Ice Cream With Gelatin. Minecraft Jello Slime Icecream Pops – QnB

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Since alot of you have been asking for Minecraft Slime Jello I decided to make ice cream pops out of them!! Check out Lindsey!! –…
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25 Responses

  1. coolman5214 says

    I love you as a BFF I am a girl and I am sophie I? am 8 :

  2. david regalado says

    You two are like? witches as in you created a creature of terror (I mean mc witches)

  3. Maria Bitar says

    Try the things u? make!

  4. Chuck Seaman says


  5. clastpure says

    How do you make everything? you bake good I’m bad

  6. Jennfer Bowe says

    Awsome neclace! Linzie?

  7. yolo Jerry says

    awww? :) you made hipo C:

  8. Alabama Story says


  9. Christian Tolentino says

    JERRY HAS LIVED? AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Marco Herrera says

    She killed? the slime

  11. Saiful Shahrin says

    No? Jerry is dead

  12. fegafe1 says

    I love linzie’s? neclace

  13. TheRyanator36910 says

    LOL? 3:33

  14. TheRyanator36910 says

    2nd LOL 4:22?

  15. hws phoenix says

    1 eye? is bigger than the other for real slimes

  16. alyanna chloe ramos says

    I love Lindsey’s necklace because it’s? minecraft :)

  17. Bristol Sawicki says

    she has a minecraft diamond neckles?

  18. Anne Marie says


  19. Anne Marie says

    Lindsey was like “Prepare to munch..” And, “NOM NOM? NOM NOM NOM”

  20. jodyhoskins123 says


  21. alexander ibus says


  22. AngryBirdHelp1 says

    you? speak Spanish

  23. James Nogueira says

    3:33? uhh

  24. MegaJelloz says

    I love your vids? but I have to say it HOMIES UNITE!

  25. MegaJelloz says

    XC? I know right


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