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How To Make Ice Cream With Omega Juicer. Making Banana Sorbet and Blueberry Ice Cream in the Omega VERT VRT330 Juicer using 100% Fruit

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John Shows how you can make Banana and Blueberry Ice Cream in The Omega VRT330 Juicer. It is made of 100% fruit, and could be called a sorbet.. but its soooo…
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25 Responses

  1. NIATESTER says

    HI John, I have tried same way you did, but must have done some mistake
    since: 1. sorbet came out from the “liquid outlet” as well 2. every few
    seconds or minutes did the juicer jam I have send the recording of my try
    as a video-answer, which will apear after you allow it. thank you in
    advance for any comments – recomendations

  2. mark jarvis says

    can i use a different type of juicer to make banana ice cream? my juicer
    isnt like the 1 in this video….

  3. katmandu68 says

    Wonder if there’s a way you could buy an extra screen and mod it to make a
    blank – that would be nice.

  4. prowork says

    @ntr10me If you can do it in the Omega, you can do it in the Hurom. They
    have the same specifications. My Hurom is on its way and I can’t wait for
    it to arrive, when doing the banana sorbet though, what I plan to do is to
    cut it in really small pieces and drop them into the chute slowly, not all
    at once to not put so much stress on the 2HP motor. it’s a powerful motor,
    but I want it to last long. The Hurom also recently changed their warranty
    to the full coverage, just like Omega! Which is GREAT

  5. says

    Yes, you can.

  6. joyisaware says

    Awesome John thanks 4 sharing.. is there a way to force all of the input
    through the screen? that would really fluf it up.

  7. deezapeeza says

    Can’t just put the frozen bananas in a blender & get the same results? :

  8. enliteneer says

    Have you ever tried freezing rhubarb? It’s a great dessert vegetable, but
    perhaps the juicer sorbets are best only for frozen bananas/mangos/black
    raspberries, coffees & nuts.

  9. says

    I recommend using the HD (small hole) screen that comes with the VRT.

  10. Jason B says

    The 330 pulp plug is removable, the 350 is on a hinge? the When doing this
    with the 350hd, should the pulp plug be open or closed? Will it stay open
    to do this and the nut butters? Thanks! Love the videos

  11. rcanger says

    can i put beets in this juicer?

  12. Gregory Muir says

    Need help locatinga”blank” screen….

  13. LPF767 says

    John! I have been researching for 6 hours on which is the best juicer to
    buy and came close to the Green Power Juicer until I saw several of your
    video on the Omega VRT 330! You have clearly showed us just how amazing
    that juicer is and would make going on an all raw diet extremely easy. That
    sorbet looks so creamy and I love how it handles leafy green. Thank you so
    much for posting these videos. Many Blessings Friend :-)

  14. dredhead6969 says

    What can u tell me about the Acme Supreme Juicerator 6001. I use it to
    juice carots, apples, beets, celery spinach. its starting to shake
    violently that I cannot complete the juicing. It doesnt do this every time.
    Should I let it go or could it be worth it to repair. Please help. thanx

  15. says

    No. I put them in fully frozen, so the sorbet will not be a “puddle” but
    more sorbetish.

  16. says

    I removed the yellow silicone pulp outlet flap for “homogenizing” in the
    omega VRT330. It will not wear out, as it is silicone. Just be sure not to
    lose it! The Omega 8006 does not have the plug since it has a “blank” plate
    and was designed for this specific task.

  17. ScreamingLamb says

    “Oh man, that is the cream of the crop. You can see the parts that went
    right through the screen right there… I’m just gonna… um…” *crams the
    sorbet into his mouth* MMMMNOMNOMNOM.

  18. TheEachoneteachone says

    You should show the finished product looking appetizing in a bowl.

  19. Random159357258456 says

    2:12 the juicer has a tongue!

  20. Melissa Bonito says

    What screen do you recommend using for making sorbet in the Omega Vert 350?

  21. Kendall morris says

    Ur really annoying but good video and it looks yummy

  22. mreisma says

    i wonder if the enzymes would be intact when eating frozen foods

  23. Zoy H. says

    what is the life span of the juicer if i use mostly hard vegetables and
    nuts? how sturdy is it?

  24. says

    I do not recommend doing this. It would be VERY hard on the machine. The
    machine was designed to juice; not make sorbets, although it will do it.

  25. nicholas liew says

    so which one do we eat? the one that came out from the spout or the one
    that is INSIDE the juicer?


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