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How To Make Kulfi In Ice Cream Maker. Pista Kulfi (Pistachios Ice Cream) Recipe by Manjula Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

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  • How To Make Kulfi In Ice Cream Maker. Pista Kulfi (Pistachios Ice Cream) Recipe by Manjula Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

View full recipe at Ingredients: 4 cups whole milk 1 slice of white bread 1 teasp…
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    25 Responses

    1. kpadmalatha rao says

      what should be the temperature of the fridge when u put the kulfi mixture? Is it to be? on maximum like ice cream?

    2. Aditi j jais says

      if we cnt hv cornstarch den wat? 2 do..

    3. pathofclouds85 says

      Might be? rabdi or rabri

    4. Keerthi KSM says

      what can i use in substitution of whole milk??

    5. kevin moore says

      mam? u r great

    6. Dharmika Upadhyay says

      Dear auntiji
      Plzzzz tell me the substitute of that plastics that u use to prevent? crystallization, I m in Australia so if anyone knows that it’s available in colse or Woolworth then plz let me know .
      Thanks in advance.

    7. ajay moudgil says

      very nice receipe

    8. Gurtir Singh says

      try fat free but you might have to add custured , you? can try

    9. Love Rose says

      Hello there, do you have a? gluten free version?

    10. Manjulaskitchen says

      I will be doing soon?

    11. kinjaltandel1 says

      Manjula aunty I like ur all receipe n? u like like ma grandmother miss u love u

    12. Arpita Sanyal says


    13. manish pandey says

      Why? v need to use bread

    14. Shylaja Rao says

      can we add mango? pulp in it. if yes when should i add the pulp

    15. Johnny Crochet says

      This sounds very good. I like the idea of making it as pop cycles.?

    16. Girl In Trouble says

      ive seen other ppl also make it with bread. I find it a? bit strange too. I think it must be to give slightly better texture.

    17. snehal ghadge says


    18. MissPil says

      Dear Manjula, I had an amazing vegan kulfi (I believe it was made using almonds) at a restaurant and since then I’ve wanted to make kulfi at home. Would it be possible to substitute the whole milk with high fat coconut milk, almond milk or another kind of plant based milk? Your recipe looks delicious and I am hoping to try it out soon! Thank you for an amazing channel, I really enjoy your? videos. :)

    19. Manjulaskitchen says

      you should try, I think? it will work.

    20. premila1949 says

      Very? nice receipe

    21. Lakshmi Udhaya Kumar says

      Dear Manjula Madam
      I have been watching ur videos for quite a long time and have? tried many dishes..It comes very good and my family enjoys..i tried this recipe twice, both the time the taste was awesome..but i did not get the texture…on the top it was solid but inside it was watery…i dont know in which part i went wrong ..please help me with ur suggestions…My hearty wishes for u…

    22. Shantanu R pawar says

      i tried it at my home and it was? very tasty thank you

    23. Kishita Gidwani says

      I have a recipe but u need complicated stuff. U need dry ice and any flavor of a smoothie. Note that its DRY ice. Then u put dry ice in a bowl and add smoothie in the same bowl and start mixing it really fast . Stir for about two minutes and? u get ice cream

    24. Georgiana Salter says

      Can I not? use the bread?

    25. MsSpark111 says

      wow! This? was so easy!
      No cream required! Great!


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