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How To Make Pb Sauce For Ice Cream. Homemade Peanut Butter Sauce Ice Cream Topping – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 341

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Ingredients: 1 14oz Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk ½ cup of Smooth Peanut Butter ½ Cup of Heavy Cream Salted Peanuts, optional Official Facebook Page: http:…

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25 Responses

  1. Gelila Paulos says

    your so pretty laura

  2. YoshiBoy P says

    Watch Laura’s Topics: All About Me. Cos when a pan is taken off, the rack
    moves. Same thing happens when a pan is put back on

  3. loyoyaNL says

    Oooh yeah just warm that baby up….zo lekkerrrrrrr :)

  4. Inu Seishin says

    A little scared on the fact that the pots and pan on the hangers where
    rocking back and forth in the beginning of the episode.

  5. izzopizzo says

    how long do I have to boil the condensed milk before I use it in the

  6. hanarosa says

    *le gasp* (O[]O);;;

  7. heather oda says

    you know how make hot fudge ???

  8. ILOVECAKE4445 says


  9. Kat says

    so there’s salted conance milk ?

  10. Sexygeiler says

    Looks great!

  11. Nathan Burgess says

    @glitterpuff65 its a microphone

  12. nr98001 says

    This is sinful and heavenly at the same time lol… Just came across this
    and tried it last night. HOLY MOLY is it good and SO simple as always!

  13. creative1915 says

    You should be on tv ??? Why are you not????? You I would watch and LOVE ” I
    have learned from you and would like to tell you Thank Yew so Very Much
    !!!!!!! From your new FAN, Rene’

  14. joeblackakareaper says

    I’m sure it’s delicious but what a SUGAR bomb . TheReaper!

  15. Nahja Scott says

    Laura could

  16. kiimiLol says

    3:01 Foodgasm..

  17. jennifer r says

    Dear Laura vitale, I’m 12 and my parents let me cook and I get all my
    recipes from you and they all love the radioes Laura u are my inspiration
    thanks a lot love u

  18. 6676risha says

    Can u put nuteLla instead of peanut butter

  19. Jennifer Miller says

    Question. Since this recipe makes quite a bit…does anyone know if/how we
    can store this? I would assume if you can, it would have to be in the
    fridge because of the heavy cream. If it can be in the fridge…how do we
    re-heat it to use it again? microwave, the stove all over again, etc…?

  20. Diego Jimenez says

    she took a pan off the rack smart one. ^^)

  21. YoshiBoy P says

    Oh yeah!!!!

  22. JESSA Scotting says

    Thank you

  23. Jailene Cisneros says

    Laura you are a great baker keep on baking to make your dreams come ture!

  24. Ariful Karim says

    I can’t believe you added coffee beans in the brownie video lol

  25. cln1994 says

    This looks incredible delicous *.* i looove nuts. especially hazelnuts. can
    you make this sauce with hazelnuts too? or do you have a recipe for
    hazelnut sauce / creme ? :)


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