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How To Make Red Bean Ice Cream. How to Make Mochi in 30 Minutes or Less

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How to Make Mochi in 30 Minutes or Less Mochi made easy. These are delicious, soft, and chewy mochi balls with red bean filling. Just like store-bought mochi. O…
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25 Responses

  1. libertyhigh101 says

    I wish I had all of those ingredients! D: I’m gonna go on a wild hunt for
    them! I SHALL NOT GIVE UP! X3

  2. SupahNinjaCat says


  3. JPE696 says

    I couldn’t but think “defecate” when I saw “desiccate”

  4. Nerdsarecool11 says

    HENRY!!! <3

  5. Diego Esparza says

    XD yeah! me too

  6. Minhou29 says

    please, can you wright the lesson, how many cups of what? my mom want this
    cook lesson, but she s vietnamees and dont understand amrican language,
    “talk so fast” lol

  7. 423300 says

    Thats not what I had in mind….

  8. Francine Sy says

    OMG me too…..

  9. glipglop12 says

    Btw, for wheat starch I use wheat flour, I think it’s the same thing and it
    works for me!

  10. glipglop12 says

    I just made it! It was fantastic! I made 2 versions. I use chocolate as
    filling, and put them into the steamer for 10 mins as shown in the video.
    For the other version, I shape them into small rice balls and cook them in
    boiling water till they float. I then drained them, coated them with
    coconut flakes and flavored them with brown sugar sauce, like the Malay’s

  11. Anime Neko says

    *watching the video seriously* *looks at the other vids to the side. Sees a
    funny Hetalia vid* ATTEMPTING. . . . .

  12. jvLin says

    @MassacreMusicLeague you sound like a total cunt thx

  13. SL1KcameraMAN2 says

    Can you steam it in a rice cooker?

  14. Misokithechibininja says

    HOLY CRAP! Are you Pacthesis?! Cuz i’m pretty sure that was Amy-chan(hope i
    got that right) on your fridge.

  15. WickedLenn says

    Awww, you guys are lucky your grandma will make you food. My grandma points
    me to the kitchen, hands me a cookbook, and says, “Would you make me the
    one on page thirty-six?”

  16. Eunice Bernadine Oquialda says

    im gonna try to put nutella!!

  17. Alexism1216 says

    Mmm!! I love these things :)

  18. TheMebegabby says

    Corn Starch.

  19. Gilbert Beilschmidt says

    Yep! >:)

  20. Antonio Fernández Carriedo says


  21. Angela S says

    I’m here because of that anime. xD

  22. varva001 says

    im here cause i wanna eat some mochiiiiiiiiiii

  23. Kiki Tse says

    love it! haha watching this reminds me how asian i am! Even our kitchens,
    accents and way we talk are the same! love it!?

  24. Kyle Cosio says

    at 7:30 when she says you can put meat in it instead, what does she say
    after about sugar and salt??

  25. Pierre Eklund says

    Gluten :-( ?


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