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How To Make Red Bean Ice Cream. How To Make Red Bean Mochi Cake ??????

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25 Responses

  1. Lin Lin says

    It’s important to buy glutinous rice flour instead of plain rice flour.
    Glutinous rice flour will have that sticky texture whereas regular rice
    flour will be hard. Will definitely try this!

  2. vookiemookie says

    you said half a cup of canola oil but it looks like you had a full cup ><
    or was it just me… now im confused whether its half a cup or a full

  3. Niny Yang says

    hey are you chinese?

  4. smerfette says

    @sweetihun do you have a small convection or toaster oven? you can use that

  5. Tiara Johnson says

    This looks so good.

  6. iceflurrie says

    YAY! Thanks Mona I’ve been waiting for this :D! Will try it for sure! xoxo

  7. Joanna Shiu says

    can I pour the whole batter in one large pan?

  8. pandaweige says

    i dont know if you know how happy i am with all your recent tutorials…
    its nice to see gurus expand their interests~ ^^ jia you~

  9. beautyinablog says

    Looks so yumy

  10. Joanna Shiu says

    why you have to cook by wearing tons of jewelry ….. that is not much
    appropriate. Showing your mochi cake or your jewelry…

  11. kawaiikaox3 says

    mmm yum! ??!! :D

  12. Fatima Kojima says

    looks delicious!

  13. yuppicoha5 says

    Would coconut milk be a good sub for milk?

  14. smerfette says

    @mrdizzybubbles YAY! i wanna see pics if you make it lol ;) hope you’re
    doing well!

  15. jessicalee422 says

    yum! love this mona :)

  16. vookiemookie says

    ah! no wonder, hahaha silly me! thank you for your response ^_^

  17. smerfette says

    half a cup of canola oil. I have a cup measuring set that includes a 1/2
    cup measurer.

  18. WillTheMaster says

    This is making me hungry hahahaha

  19. smerfette says

    @tatalu almond milk works fine :)

  20. WWDIgirls says

    First viewer. ^_^

  21. ICEprincess117 says

    Please make more beauty videos!:)

  22. smerfette says

    @y3rlo enjoy! :)

  23. smerfette says

    @universaljenny you should use glutinous rice flour :) it’ll give you a
    nice chewy texture

  24. reimxsz says

    @universaljenny It’s the same, (well at least i think it is)

  25. tatalu says

    looks yummy! can I substitute milk with soy/almond milk?


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